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February 2009

February 28, 2009

China’s 2005 Carbon Emissions Almost Twice As Much As 2002 Emissions

by Jack Rosebro

Carbon emissions associated with increased exports from China (left), as part of a more systematic view of increased national emissions (right), 2002 to 2005. Guan et al. (2009) Click to enlarge.

Energy efficiency gains in a rapidly modernizing China “cannot cope” with skyrocketing emissions caused by increased exports as well as domestic consumption, according to the paper “Journey to world’s top emitter,” published 27 February in Geophysical Research Letters. Researchers from Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States, estimated in the study that China’s 2005 carbon emissions were 80.59% or more higher than 2002 emissions.

It is easier to understand the growth in China’s carbon emissions,” note the authors of the paper, “by considering which consumption activities—households and government, capital investments, and international trade—drive Chinese production and hence emissions.”


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Solar Roadways Named a Finalist for 2009 EE Times ACE Awards

Solar Roadways, the developer of structurally engineered solar panels that are driven upon., has been nanmed one of five finalists for the Best Enabler Award for Green Engineering category in the 2009 EE Times Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards.


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Even If Warming Ceased, Sea Level to Rise At Least About 184 mm From Melting Glaciers and Ice Caps

Even if the global climate did not continue to warm, sea level will still rise at least 184 ± 33 mm (7.2 ± 1.3 inches) due to the current mass wastage of the world’s mountain glaciers and ice caps, according to a new study published 11 February in Geophysical Research Letters.

If the climate continues to warm along current trends, a minimum of 373 ± 21 mm (14.7 ± 0.83 inches) of sea-level rise over the next 100 years is expected from glaciers and ice caps, according to the study by researchers at Regis University and the University of Colorado, Boulder. When compared to recent estimates from all other sources, melt water from glaciers must be considered as a particularly important fraction of the total sea-level rise expected this century.


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Miller Industries Adds Eaton Hybrid-Powered Race Recovery Vehicle To Fleet; New Application for Hybrid Trucks

Miller Industries, Inc. used an Eaton hybrid system-equipped 2009 International DuraStar 4300 recovery vehicle during the recent Daytona 500 motorsports race.


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Japan Auto Exports Plunge 60.9% in January; 76.5% Drop in Exports to US

Passenger car exports from Japan plunged 60.9% in January to 200,347 units (including 7,560 knock down units), down 311,969 units year-on-year, according to figures from the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.


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Mascoma Begins Cellulosic Ethanol Production in New York

Mascoma Corporation has begun producing cellulosic ethanol from non-food biomass at its demonstration facility in Rome, New York. Mascoma’s Consolidated Bioprocessing (CBP) process consists of a mild pretreatment followed by the introduction of cellulose-utilizing and ethanol-fermenting microbes that both hydrolyze and ferment the sugars into ethanol. (Earlier post.)


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February 27, 2009

EPA Study Finds Residential Construction Trends in US Metropolitan Regions Showing Substantial Shift, But Falling Short of Reshaping Sprawl

Central city share of residential construction. Click to enlarge.

A new report from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that the distribution of residential construction has significantly changed over time in many regions. In more than half of the largest metropolitan areas, urban core communities have significantly increased their share of new residential building permits.

For the report, Dr. John Thomas of the EPA examined residential building permits in the 50 largest metropolitan regions to clarify 1) if there has been a shift toward redevelopment; and 2) in which regions the shift has been most significant. Thomas found that the central city has more than doubled its share in 15 regions, and the increases has been particularly dramatic over the past 5 years.


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GM Europe/OPEL to Submit Plan for Viability

GM Europe and the Opel Supervisory Board have approved a confidential long-term plan for viability that will be submitted to government representatives in the coming days.

The confidential document includes a funding request for €3.3 billion (US$4.2 billion) in government support (German and other governments), €3 billion (US$3.8 billion) in support from GM and $1.2 billion (€0.95 billion) in structural cost reductions as outlined in GM’s latest version of its viability plan submitted to the US Congress.


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Renault-Nissan Alliance and Electromotive to Collaborate on Charging Infrastructure

The Renault-Nissan Alliance and UK company Elektromotive, a provider of electric vehicle recharging stations, are collaborating in the Partnership for Zero-Emission-Mobility, with the aim of accelerating the installation of charging networks for plug-in vehicles in cities.

Elektromotive and EDF Energy and have been working in partnership since 2007 to develop an electric vehicle recharging infrastructure; the Renault-Nissan Alliance is also collaborating with EDF on electric vehicle infrastructure. (Earlier post.)


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Total Number of Private Cars in China up 28% in 2008

The total number of cars for civilian use in China rose 24.5% in 2008 from 2007 to 24.38 million, according to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China. Private-owned cars numbered 19.47 million, representing a 28.0% increase over 2007.


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