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Schroeder Biofuels Introduces Multistage Separation Technology

Schroeder Biofuels, a provider filtration and separations products for the biodiesel industry, has introduced ColdClear, a new proprietary multi-stage separation technology designed specifically to ensure that biodiesel products conform to the new ASTM D6751 standard for cold flow properties.

ColdClear is a multistage filtration/adsorption system that ensures that any potential factors that would initiate crystallization or plugging are reduced. ColdClear is effective for B100 and a range of diesel blends.

The technology is designed to be a single pass three-stage bank of cartridge based filters/adsorbers that sequentially remove those compounds likely to cause filter plugging while incurring a negligible process yield loss. The cartridges are disposable and easy to remove from the housings. The systems are skid-mounted and engineered to meet a flow rate of 5 GPM, with cartridges that can be changed in minutes, resulting in very little downtime between production runs.


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