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Prius Top-Seller in Japan in August; 4th Month Straight

The Prius remained Japan’s top selling new passenger vehicle in August—its fourth month straight as the top seller, according to data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association.

Prius sales by month in Japan. Click to enlarge.

The Prius posted 21,669 units in Japan in August, up 360% year-on-year, representing 12% of total automobile sales for the month. The Honda Fit took the second spot, with 10,927 units (6%), followed by the Toyota Vitz (8,145, 4.5%) and the Honda Insight (7,900, 4.4%).

Overall, total sales were up 8.2% in August year-on-year to 179,766 units.



A: It is great to see it - it's a great car.
B: All the top 4 cars are very economical, even if not hybrids.

At least the Japanese have "got it".


Excellent sustained progression for Hybrids with over 16% of the total market from only two of them (Prius III and Insight II)

Who said that Hybrids would peak at 5%?


What a positive change for Hybrids with over 16% of total from the top two (Privus + Insight)

Who said that Hybrids would peak at 5%?.


Do any of the commenteers own a hybrid?


I have a diesel MPV (Renault Espace), as it is not possible to buy a hybrid MPV in Ireland.
As I have 4 kids, I need a 6 or 7 seater.

I would like to see hybrids evolving from the top (as in Prius) and also from the bottom as with stop/start systems such as used in the BMW 32d and VW Passat BlueMotion.

Initially, you have stop/start.
Then regenerative braking to charge the battery so you run the alternator less.
We have this now.

They you increase the battery (or battery+supercap) capacity to enable stop/start/crawl, so you can completely turn the engine off under 10 mph.

This will require an electric motor for driving as well as for starting the engine, so it will be a bit of a jump. You might drive the back wheels in the Passat (the BMW is already RWD).

Then, as batteries get better/cheaper, you increase the EV speed threshold from 10 - 20 - 30 mph.

Then you can charge the battery at night.

By then, you have a limited E-range PHEV, at reasonable cost, from a real manufacturer, which is probably where you want to be.

Then, as batteries get better/cheaper, you increase the EV range threshold from 5 - 10 - 20 - 40 miles / charge.

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