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Volkswagen and Varta Microbattery Ltd. to Collaborate on Next-Generation Li-ion Systems for Electric Drive Vehicles

Volkswagen and Varta Microbattery Ltd. will establish, subject to necessary regulatory approvals, a research collaboration to develop next-generation Li-ion systems for electric drive vehicles.

The initial goal is the research and development of a Li-ion cell which is technically superior and price competitive. Research activities will be done at VARTA Microbattery’s head office in Ellwangen and initially the project will cover a four year period.

In this joint venture VARTA Microbattery will contribute its know-how in the area of Lithium-ion batteries as well as its production technology. VARTA Microbattery has more than 100 years experience in the area of various electrochemical systems from Lithium to metal-air systems as well as in their research, development and production. However, the company’s focus to date has been more on supply of miniature battery technologies for mobile communication, medical and electronic equipment.

In terms of automotive applications, Varta cells are currently used in areas such as car alarms, car keys, car stereo and oil injection.

On the rechargeable (secondary) cell side, Varta produces NiMH button, NiMH cylindrical, Lithium polymer, Lithium button, Lithium cylindrical and Lithium prismatic cells. For non-rechargeable (primary) cells, Varta offers Lithium cylindrical, button and prismatic; alkaline cylindrical; zinc air button; silver button; alkaline button; and gassing cells.

VARTA Microbattery GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Montana Tech Components AG.

The new partnership is one of a number of battery collaborations for Volkswagen, which has also announced collaboration or participation in specific projects with Sanyo (earlier post), Toshiba (earlier post), BYD (earlier post); and, via the Lithium Ionen Batterie LIB 2015 consortium in Germany, Evonik/Li-Tec and LTC/GAIA (earlier post).



"VARTA Microbattery has more than 100 years experience " OK..

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