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Pharos Marine Plans Dual Fuel Hydrogen-Diesel Super Yacht Egypt-based Pharos Marine unveiled plans for a 60-meter dual-fuel hydrogen-diesel electric superyacht, the Orcageno.

The Orcageno. Click to enlarge.

The propulsion system uses a generator driven by a hydrogen-diesel internal combustion engine which can be operated by either hydrogen or diesel oil to provide power for the Azipod units. At a speed of 10 knots, operating on hydrogen mode, the yacht has a range of more than 3,500 nautical miles. At speed of 18 knots it can reach more than 1,800 nautical miles. The forward slender spaces in the yacht are used efficiently for the storage of hydrogen tanks and tender boats.

Diesel capacity is 170,000 liters; liquid hydrogen fuel capacity is 220,000 liters.

The yacht is based around an advanced slender hull form with an axe bow, offering lower resistance due to low angle of entrance, excellent sea-keeping and a range of up to 13,000 nautical miles. The hull design is to have a minimal surface and hull wake, thus reducing its impact on sensitive marine life as well as shoreline erosion.

(A hat-tip to Andy!)



I smell green washing; using H2 in an ICE?


It does allow the thing to run clean while going around sensative areas.


This is designed as a diesel electric superyacht; why not use the LH2 in the most efficient way - a fuel cell? The higher cost of a fuel cell would be nothing to someone who could buy a 60m superyacht. Even if he 'goes cheap' with a straight diesel drivetrain he could still go clean by burning biodiesel or Bio-DME. Both would be easier to find in ports around the world, and easier to store on board. LH2 boils off if left in the tank too long. Typically it will evaporate at a rate of 1% per day.


Well remember its just plans at this point and it is a superyacht. I think the reason they didnt go with fuel cells is the thing likely needs somewhere near 5 megawatts of power to run;/

Also remember as its storing a lake of h2 220000 liters wrth in likely superinsulated tanks it likely doesnt evap very fast.


Possibly; however as I read the linked article I saw that the LH2 tanks would be placed in the bow, where the hull is it's most slender. That's bound to lead to increases in tank surface areas, which leads to less than optimal insulation.


OTOH even when docked a boat this size will be running a lot of auxiliary equipment; everything from the bilgepumps to the captain's weather sation, so the boil-off could be put to good use. Heck, just keeping the Jacuzzi warm might do it.


The best part of this is that these are just plans.


And no probs if there aren't bowsers available as these craft are often used as fashion accesories so could mostly get by with a mild extension cord.


I want my next boat to be a hybrib too;


Hell id be happy if I could afford the lifeboat this thing likely uses;/

If the rich wana play with h2 why not?

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