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First 100% Electric City-Course Grand Prix

The Levallois, France City Council in December 2009 approved plans for the organization of the first GP Elec Levallois—the first 100% electric city-course Grand Prix. The Grand Prix and surrounding events will take place on the 4, 5, and 6 of June 2010.

The course will take Tesla cars and electric racing prototypes around a 3 km course (1.8 miles) through the city. The course has 8 bends, a tunnel, and an 800 meter straight. The cars—although high powered—will be quiet, making the event free of sound pollution and something completely new for the public.

Spectators will have the chance to see the cars up close after each race. The Grand Prix will host a Sustainable Mobility Salon in the city’s square, where the public will be able to learn more about electric vehicles, environmental concerns, and innovations in transportation. The salon will have events for children and adults, including electric go-karts, children cars, and an eco-educational garden.



An okay idea. Conspicuously missing the Fisker and all other EV/PHEVs announced but not on market.

Tesla owns the EV world right now. Good for Si Valley.


I wonder how many laps the race will be? The number of cars that can actually compete will be greatly limited by the distance of the race.

They should probably do the first one about 32 miles (18 laps) so that it's similar to the Isle of Man race. That way competitors can run in both events if they're going to the expense of building a car to compete.

Each year, they can increase the length of the race to make it more "real world" as batteries get better and range increases. This would also help to push the boundaries of battery tech which would have some real world benefits as well.


This is good, a lot less noisy and smelly for the spectators. EVs are one of those ideas that will sneak up on people. They dismiss them as golf carts until they see and hear a Nissan Leaf zoom by and then everyone will take notice. Herd mentality, but marketing says go with the flow of what is and work with it.


i like this a lot for the same reasons already mentioned. I once tried to attend a Grand Prix race but could not suffer the ear shattering noise for more than an hour. (i know, whimp)
The sight of EV's racing at breathtaking speeds will be a great boost to their acceptance. Not to mention the additional engineering that will be put into them.

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