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BASF Breaks Ground for New Biodiesel Catalyst Plant in Brazil to Meet Demand in South America

Porsche to Install 2MW Photovoltaic System on Roof of Parts Warehouse

Porsche is making a 40,000-square-meter area on the roof top of its central spare parts warehouse in Sachsenheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg) available to the firm Goldbeck Solar GmbH, Hirschberg an der Bergstrasse, in order to install and operate approximately 8,500 photovoltaic modules there. The system has a nominal output of two megawatts. The electricity will be fed into the grid of the energy provider E&W Eichwald GmbH, Bietigheim-Bissingen.

The installation of the modules will begin before the end of February, and the photovoltaic system will be connected to the grid just a few weeks later. The system can generate nearly two million kilowatt hours per year, which is equivalent to the average energy consumption of approximately 500 four-person households.

At the same time, approximately 1,780 tons of carbon dioxide will be saved every year. The photovoltaic system in Sachsenheim is one of the most modern and efficient in the Greater Stuttgart area, Porsche said.



If 50,000++ manufacturing facilities, shopping centres, schools, office buildings etc would do the same, it could make a real difference for cleaner e-energy production.

If 50,000,000 residences would progressively join in it would even do more.

The requirement for more dirty coal fired power plants could be delayed for decades. Many existing similar plants could be closed.

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