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Report: Honda Developing Electric Scooter Powered by Toshiba Li-ion Battery

The Nikkei reports that Honda Motor Co. is developing a battery-electric scooter powered by a Toshiba Li-ion battery, with the release likely to come in December. The prototype is comparable in power and size to a 50 cc scooter. Details are expected on Tuesday.

The electric motorbike will get about 30km [18.6 miles] per charge. Riders will be able to charge it via a home outlet, as well as with a portable charger. The latter method can replenish the battery in roughly 10 minutes.

The battery, to be supplied by Toshiba, has a long life&mash;more than 6,000 charge-discharge cycles—and can be charged at high speed. This is the first time for Honda to use Toshiba batteries. For Toshiba, this represents the first big deal for its vehicle batteries, a product category it hopes to beef up.

Honda, the world’s largest motorbike maker, also reportedly plans to develop a 100cc electric motorbike for Asian countries—its key markets—and other places. Yamaha Motor Co., the second largest motorbike maker, plans to begin selling electric models this summer in Japan and Europe.



"Honda, . .. .plans to develop a 100cc electric motorbike for Asian countries"
Do they mean A 100cc class electric motorbike?

I wonder, since the cost of a starter, ICE, transmission, etc do not get cheaper - in direct proportion- as the vehicle gets smaller, but batteries do, if electric scooters might actually clearly be a better value than ICE scooters?

That would be nice.


Will we ever see the day when all noisy ICE motor bikes are replaced by quiet e-bikes?

Registration fees based on noise ($10 to $30 per db measured at 1m from muffler) & pollution ($10 per gr/Km) could help to accellerate the transition.

Sanity Chk

Harvey, I like your thinking. While you're at it, add $1/liter/km of oil burned by the 2-strokes spewing out their noxious exhaust and just to tweak the nattering nabobs of AGW denial, put on a carbon tax to boot.

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