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SAIC Unveils Its Own “Leaf”

SAIC has unveiled its “Leaf” concept car at the Shanghai Automotive Group - General Motors Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai. The car combines photovoltaic conversion (solar cells), wind energy conversion (spinners on the wheels), and CO2 absorption in a electric-drive vehicle.

SAIC reveals its Leaf. Click to enlarge.
  • The leaf-shaped roof incorporates solar cells that can track the position of the sun to improve the efficiency of solar energy collection.

  • Each of the four wheels features a mini wind turbine to transform wind energy into electrical energy.

  • The body contains meal-organic framework elements for carbon dioxide capture and a microbial fuel cell to generate a current.


Sanity Chk

This is pretty funny - mini wind turbines on each wheel to capture wind energy? What have they been smoking?


What a cool golfcart. I'm guessing it's PV and wind turbines produce less than 5% of the energy it needs to putter about town in a given day.


Sadly there will be eco-loons who think that this 'proves' that we can run around in car with solar roofs and windy wheels!

Chris Jensen

Thats just silly!

Henry Gibson

Up till now I have been promoting a return to the 55 MPH speed limit on US motorways to save on fuel. Now I think that it is clear that 30 MPH would be better. People who wish to go faster can travel by train with this vehicle in their luggage. Skytran is also interesting. Russia can build a safe nuclear car that can run without refuling for about a hundred years. ..HG..


It is hard to make a concept car more ridiculous than all the serious green concept cars, but obviously not impossible.

Next? Out-do the solar roadways and the harnessing of noise by Piezeoelectrochemical Effects.



30 mph? You're kidding I hope.

I love the idea of high speed rail... but I don't think you can connect every rural area via rail to eliminate the need for cars.

Will S


Rural areas are by definition farmland or open land. If you are thinking exurban, then expect that to revert back to farmland when oil prices begin another inexorable climb. Won't need rail or cars there much...


What about those people who live in unincorporated agricultural communities? Similarly, small towns within 20 miles of a factory. I refer to communities similar to that which consitute a significant portion of our country. Additionally, there isn't a need for factories to be located in cities.. they're often located on rail lines and staffed with workers from rural (unincorporated) areas within 30 miles.


Hey! I found one of those in my CrackerJack box last week! It's also a whistle, you know...

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