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Bob Lutz Joins Transonic Combustion’s Board of Directors

Bob Lutz, newly retired as vice chairman of General Motors, has joined the board of directors of Transonic Combustion, Inc., a start-up developing a supercritical fuel injection system (earlier post).

Transonic Combustion is on course to directly supply global automotive manufacturers with its high efficiency fuel injection systems. Transonic’s TSCi fuel injection system has demonstrated significant gains in fuel economy and lower emissions while running gasoline effectively within modern diesel architecture engines, with the long-term promise of running zero-net bio renewable fuels.

For the foreseeable future, the internal combustion engine will remain the dominant propulsion system for automobiles and there is still a lot of room to improve its efficiency. Customers and manufacturers want better fuel economy, lower emissions and a great vehicle experience all at an attractive price. Transonic's new supercritical fuel injection technology can greatly improve engine efficiency and potentially become the new industry standard.

—Bob Lutz

Before returning to GM, Lutz was CEO of Exide Corp. from 1998 to 2001. Previously with Chrysler Corp., for 12 years, Lutz held the posts of vice chairman, president, chief operation officer and executive vice president. Previously, he served for 12 years with Ford Motor Co., three years with BMW and eight years with GM.



This gentleman has been around many car industries. Did he improve the products?


I gotta find out if I have any stock in Transonic Combustion Inc., and sell it.

Sanity Chk

If I never see Lutz's name again in news associated with the auto industry, it will be too soon. He epitomizes everything that GM and the other majors did wrong (suing CA, crushing EV1s, building & hyping Guzzle-cars, opposing higher CAFE standards, financial collapse, etc.) over the past 2-3 decades. Look at his legacy with Chrysler & Ford.

Ford at least had the smarts (perhaps good luck) to hire Mulally who at least, could see the writing on the wall about the need for more fuel-efficient cars. He also got their financial house in order before the financial collapse.


Lutz is nearly single-handedly responsible for getting the Chevy VOLT into production. It's now up to GM to attract the public to the first practical PHEV on the market.

Personally I see fuel injectors as ancient history - but that's my lack of affection for combustion.

Sanity Chk

Be that as it may, Lutz failed by all measures to see the need to improve vehicle fuel economy - if for no other reason than to serve a market with $3.50+ per gal fuel costs. He also didn't take AGW seriously, and act responsibly.


Bob Lutz is a legend, an American patriot, a dying breed. I think the TSCI technology is exciting, especially with the potential benefits for use with biofuels...I hope he helps them succeed.


Let's hope he is a dying breed..


+1 ai vin. Where was this guy helping Delphi? Now GM Powertrain has a NEW generation of V8s that he and Rick signed off on. No American-made SMALL clean diesel motors or hybrids or components is trajic and imperils our future and security...dontcha think Bob???

And NO I dont give a FlyingF that oil/gasoline is SO cheap, while Ks of gals/barrels/day spew out of ONE well in GOM.

Henry Gibson

Ethanol from any source can be used as a food if it is not willfully contaminated with poisons. It is now used by many persons as a major portion of their energy calories. Any use of bioethanol for a fuel will increase food costs beyond the ability to pay and especialy in the case of people who do not own and rarely see a SUV.

There is a chance that a small portion of all the natural gas used was once not part of a plant or animal, but all coal and most oil was once part of a plant or animal, and as such they are biofuels.

It has been clearly demonstrated that even simple hybrid cars can even double the energy efficiency of automobiles, and Plug-In-Hybrid cars can eliminate fuel use for most automobile trips. Artemis demonstrated that their hydraulic hybrid system can be fitted to an existing standard car. They kept the same engine but could have used a smaller and more efficient engine for more efficiency as diesel electric locomotives do.

Hybrid automobiles eliminate the need for biofuels at less cost and with lower CO2 production. The use of natural gas and other fuels for ethanol production makes it not a net zero CO2 fuel as many falsely believe. In fact the most favorable US government reports show that about 75 fossil fuel energy units are needed to produce 100 units of ethanol. ..HG..

Sanity Chk

The good thing about ethanol-powered cars is that if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you can dip into the tank and make a martini to sip while waiting for the tow truck.


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