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July 2010

July 31, 2010

Uhde Gasification Selected for Commercial Biomass-to-Methanol Plant in Sweden

VärmlandsMetanol AB has selected Uhde, a ThyssenKrupp company, as technology supplier and engineering partner for a biomass-to-methanol plant in Hagfors, Sweden, with an annual production of 100,000 tonnes of fuel-grade methanol from forest-residue biomass. Investment for the plant will be about SEK 3 billion (US$416 million).

The VärmlandsMetanol plant will be the first full-scale commercial biomass-to-methanol plant. The plant will gasify about 1,000 tonnes of wood biomass per day and convert the resulting syngas into some 375,000 liters (99,000 gallons US) of methanol per day via a catalytic process, according to Björn O. Gillberg, founder of VärmlandsMetanol. In addition to the methanol, the plant can deliver district-heating water with a thermal duty of 15 MW.


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Quallion Supplied Li-ion Battery for X-51A WaveRider Scramjet Flight

Quallion LLC, a developer of customized lithium-ion batteries, modules and packs for medical, military, aerospace, and vehicle applications (earlier post), supplied the Li-ion battery pack for the first flight of the hypersonic X-51A WaveRider ScramJet Demonstrator Program.


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Sanyo Completes New Factory for Automotive Li-ion Batteries; Initial Capacity of 1M Cells Per Month

Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. has completed its new factory for automotive lithium-ion batteries in its Kasai Plant (Kasai city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan.) The factory will start with a production capacity of 1 million cells per month, with the aim to expand the production scale depending on demand.


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CSIRO Develops New Technique for Quick Detection of Petroleum Hydrocarbons; More Rapid Response in Cases of Contamination

CSIRO scientists in Australia have developed a new technique for the rapid on-site detection and quantification of petroleum hydrocarbons (commonly derived from crude oil) in soil, silt, sediment, or rock.


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1-for-20 Reverse Stock Split for Advanced Engine Technologies, Developer of OX2 Engine

The common stock shares of Advanced Engine Technologies, Inc., the developer of the OX2 rotary engine (earlier post), have been reverse split 1-for-20. The announcement was made following the recent approval of the proposed reverse stock split by current shareholders.


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July 30, 2010

GM to Boost Volt US Production Capacity by 50% to 45,000 Units in 2012

Due to what it termed “strong public interest” in the Chevrolet Volt, General Motors will increase US production capacity of the Volt by 50%, from 30,000 units to 45,000 units, in 2012.


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Coulomb Technologies Unveils First ChargePoint America EV Charging Stations in San Jose

Coulomb Technologies has installed its first Networked Charging Station for electric vehicles in San Jose, California from its $37 million ChargePoint America program (earlier post). ChargePoint America will offer hundreds of free stations for public and home charging to individuals and businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose, for use by individual vehicle owners and by fleets.


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Past Decade Warmest on Record According to Scientists in 48 Countries; Earth Has Been Warming for More Than 50 Years

The 2009 State of the Climate report released earlier this week draws on data for 10 key climate indicators that all point to the same finding: the scientific evidence that the world is warming is unmistakable. More than 300 scientists from 160 research groups in 48 countries contributed to the report, which confirms that the past decade was the warmest on record and that the Earth has been growing warmer over the last 50 years.


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Mercedes-Benz Introduces Vito E-CELL Electric Van in Limited Series Production

The Vito E-CELL van. Click to enlarge.

Mercedes-Benz is introducing the Vito E-CELL electric van. Production of a small series of 100 Vito E-CELL vans has already begun, and a further 2,000 units are planned from 2011. The van, targeted for inner-city operations and for particularly environmentally sensitive areas, is based on the long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Vito with a standard roof. The long wheelbase of 3200 mm provides the necessary underbody space for the traction batteries.

With an operating range of around 130 km (81 miles), the Vito E-CELL meets average customer requirements for a daily van mileage of approx. 50-80 km (31-50 miles). Payload is around 900 kg (1,984 lbs) depending on equipment specifications, and the van has a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph), making it also suitable for short inter-urban stretches.


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JGC, INPEX and BASF to Perform Demonstration Tests of New Technology to Capture CO2 from Natural Gas

JGC, INPEX and BASF have entered into an agreement to carry out joint demonstration tests on a new technology for effectively capturing and recovering CO2 contained in natural gas. The tests will be carried out at INPEX’s Koshijihara natural gas plant (Nagaoka city, Niigata prefecture) starting August 2010. A


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