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September 2010

September 30, 2010

UQM Introduces 5kW DC-AC Inverter for On-board Power Applications

UQM Technologies is introducing a new 5 kW liquid-cooled DC-AC Inverter. The inverter provides 5 kW of 120 VAC, 60 Hz output under continuous duty and can handle loads of up to 16 kW for short periods.


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Toshiba To Develop EV Batteries With Fiat, Scania; New 60 Ah Cell

Nikkei. Toshiba Corp. will jointly develop lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles with Fiat SpA and also with Scania AB, majority-owned by Volkswagen AG. Toshiba is currently co-developing batteries and other components with Volkswagen (earlier post).


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LG Chem to Supply Li-ion Batteries to Renault for EVs

Korea Times. Adding another major automaker to its customer list, LG Chem announced that it will supply Li-ion batteries to Renault for EVs. Song Choong-sup, an LG spokesperson, said the deal would be the largest that LG Chem has signed with automakers so far, considering Renault’s expected production volumes.


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UPS Purchases 130 Hybrid Electric Vehicles

UPS announced the purchase of 130 next-generation hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) to add to its growing alternative-fuel vehicle (AFV) fleet. The HEV fleet features two different size vehicles from Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation and a hybrid drive system from Eaton Corporation.


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Study Suggests Metallacarborane MOFs Could Meet DOE On-Board H2 Storage Goals

Researchers at Rice University have used first principles calculations to show that a class of material known as metallacarboranes, used in MOFs (metal organic frameworks), could store hydrogen at or better than benchmarks set by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) Hydrogen Program for 2015.

The new study by Rice theoretical physicist Boris Yakobson and his colleagues, published online 22 September in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, relies on the transition metals scandium and titanium and a Kubas type of interaction. A Kubas interaction is a trading of electrons that can bind atoms to one another in certain circumstances. Kubas is often mentioned in hydrogen research because it gives exactly the right binding strength, Yakobson said.


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Department of Energy Formally Commits $1B in Recovery Act Funding to FutureGen 2.0

The US Department of Energy has signed final cooperative agreements with the FutureGen Industrial Alliance and Ameren Energy Resources that formally commit $1 billion in Recovery Act funding to build FutureGen 2.0. (Earlier post.)


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UK Royal Society Publishes New Short Guide to Science of Climate Change

The Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science, has published a new short guide to the science of climate change. The guide summarizes the evidence and clarifies the levels of confidence associated with the current scientific understanding of climate change. It delineates what is well-known and established about the climate system; what is widely agreed but with some debate about details; and what is still not well understood.


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Honeywell Awarded FAA Research Project to Evaluate and Demo 4-Dimensional Flight Trajectory-Based Operations

Honeywell has finalized a research agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to evaluate and demonstrate NextGen Air Traffic Management technology that will allow aircraft to fly more direct routes to save on fuel and emissions and arrive in a precise location at a precise time—improving on-time arrivals and reducing delays into airports.


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AllCell and Matra Debut Solar Energy Storage Battery Swap and Charging System at Paris Motor Show

Solar Flow-R system distributes solar energy to light electric vehicle batteries and utility consumers. Click to enlarge.

The Paris Motor Show saw the debut of a solar energy storage system to support light electric vehicle battery swaps and charging. Designed and developed by AllCell Technologies for Matra Manufacturing Services, the Matra Solar Flow-R energy storage system (ESS) stores solar energy in an array of 12 swappable high energy lithium-ion battery modules using AllCell’s proprietary Phase Change Material (PCM) technology. (Earlier post.)

Electric scooter and light electric vehicle drivers can exchange depleted AllCell battery modules from their vehicles for fully charged battery modules from the Flow-R or charge the vehicle directly through the power plugs located on the front panel of the ESS. France-based Matra offers a line of electric bikes, scooters and quads.


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Lotus Unveils Concept Extended Range Electric City Car

Lotus CIty Car drivetrain. Click to enlarge.

At the Paris Motor Show, Lotus unveiled five new cars, two evolutions of existing models and a new concept city car. The Lotus City Car concept provides a showcase for Lotus Engineering’s Electrical and Electronic Integration and Efficient Performance competencies, featuring an advanced series hybrid drivetrain with the Lotus Range Extender engine (earlier post).

Equipped with a single-speed transmission, drivetrain provides the vehicle with an all-electric range of 60 km (37 miles) from its 14.8 kWh battery pack to cover the majority of daily journeys operating as a plug-in EV. With the range extender, the city car has a full range of 500 km (311 miles).


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