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LANXESS urges NHTSA to implement fuel efficiency labeling for tires

4 November 2010

Global specialty chemical company LANXESS Corporation, which is also a leading rubber supplier to the tire industry, has urged the US National Highway Transportation Safety Authority (NHTSA) to implement tire labeling and a broader Consumer Information Program on tire fuel efficiency.

While the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 directed the Secretary of Transportation to promulgate final rules on tire labeling within 24 months, the Agency has yet to implement the program. In formal comments submitted to the agency, LANXESS said:

Identifying a system that will provide consumers with more information when purchasing tires is a necessary step considering the vast array of tire choices in the market today. LANXESS Corporation strongly supports the development of the Consumer Information Program for replacement tires to educate customers about the impact of tires on motor vehicle fuel efficiency, safety and durability.

One of the strongest barriers to wide-scale adoption of energy efficient technologies is a lack of consumer information. Consumers need to easily understand how the efficient technology will potentially affect the performance of their cars as well as the potential fuel and cost savings.

The European Union has already set a timeline for tire labeling. From 2012 onwards, tires in Europe must be labeled to show their fuel efficiency, wet grip and rolling noise.

LANXESS urges NHTSA to finalize the essential components of testing, data reporting, rating and labeling and move the consumer information program into the marketplace as quickly as possible, without any further delay.

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