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NPE working group submits first version of German Standardization Roadmap for Electromobility; focus on charging interfaces, charging stations and battery safety

Timetable for the implementation of the recommendations. Higher priority topics (in red) include safety for charging stations, high voltage wiring, and batteries; and the charging interface. Click to enlarge.

The “Standardization and Certification” working group of Germany’s National Platform for Electromobility (NPE) has submitted its interim report—the “German Standardization Roadmap for Electromobility”—to the Federal Ministries of Economics and Transport. The interim report includes the first recommended actions to ensure a successful launch of electromobility on the market.

The report provides an overview of the existing structures and specifications in the standards landscape and identifies fundamental requirements and recommended actions. The report also identifies the most important requirements for the market introduction of electromobility—charging interface, charging stations and battery safety—in order to contribute to the worldwide breakthrough of electromobility.

A benchmark paper summarizing the standardization roadmap has also been prepared to foster efficient working within European and international committees. It summarizes the requirements of the standardization roadmap and outlines the required boundary conditions, gives concrete recommendations and shows where further action is required by standards organizations. The benchmark paper has already been presented to the European standards and standardization institutes so that standards and standardization can be implemented quickly and transparently.

The working group will also soon publish a document that provides an overview of specifications in the areas of motor vehicle technology and hazardous goods transport.

This working group (WG) is chaired by Michael Dick, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, Technical Development. Assisting Dick in this function are two deputies: Roland Bent, Managing Director of Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, and Dr. Norbert Verweyen, Managing Director of RWE Effizienz GmbH.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel launched the NPE on 3 May 2010. The objective of this initiative by the German federal government is to turn Germany into the lead market for electromobility and to have one million electric vehicles on the roads of Germany by 2020. Government and the affected industries have resolved to develop a joint approach with customer-oriented and sustainable solutions. Seven working groups were established in pursuit of this objective, including the WG “Standardization and Certification.”




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