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EDTA outlines action plan to accelerate adoption of electric drive vehicles

The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) has outlined what it sees as the critical next-step policies to accelerate electric drive vehicle adoption—including hybrid, plug-in, battery and fuel cell vehicles—and expand infrastructure deployment.

The nation is at an energy policy crossroads. Electric drive technologies—those available today and those on the horizon—can help the US increase its energy security, spend more of its energy dollars domestically, expand competitiveness and create jobs—while creating a healthier environment. The policies we are recommending will accelerate the opening of the electric drive era and ensure US leadership in the effort.

—EDTA President Brian Wynne

The 2011 plan, Driving Forward: An Action Plan for the Electric Drive Era, recommends specific policies in five main areas: reducing market hurdles to speed deployment of electric drive vehicles; educating consumers, communities and stakeholders about these new vehicles and charging options; ensuring US leadership in electric drive manufacturing; standardizing regulatory policies for electric drive vehicles and infrastructure; and accelerating technology breakthroughs.

The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) is a trade association representing battery, plug-in, hybrid and fuel cell electric drive technologies and infrastructure.




It is pleasant to read that an e-vehicle lobby exist. We should all contribute XX$ to it every month or so until it gets big enough to be heard.


I expect it will be heard Harvey... especially as revenues from PHEVs begin to roll in to the Big Auto makers.

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