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Saab introduces PhoeniX all-wheel drive hybrid concept at Geneva

The PhoeniX AWD hybrid concept. Click to enlarge.

Saab unveiled the PhoeniX concept car at the Geneva Motor Show, showcasing design features and technologies which will shape its next generation of cars. Based on an new architecture intended for the next Saab 9-3 model, the PhoeniX introduces ‘aeromotional’ design: a visual evocation of the aerodynamic design principles and passion for innovation that inspired the creators of Saab’s first car, the iconic Ursaab.

The PhoeniX’ propulsion system combines an efficient, 1.6-liter turbo engine with electric rear wheel drive technology. The compact, all-aluminum gasoline engine delivers 200 hp (147 kW) and includes variable valve timing and lift control, as well as start/stop functionality, minimal parasitic losses and a fuel cut-off function. A stainless steel tank is fitted, which is lighter and less expensive than a conventional plastic design.

The eXWD system comprises a rear drive unit housing a 25 kW (34 hp) electric motor/generator powered by a small battery pack. Regenerative braking is used to sustain the battery’s charge. Now under development for the next generation of Saab cars, this hybrid propulsion system enables the benefits of all-wheel-drive while also reducing fuel consumption.

Using a six-speed manual transmission, projected combined cycle fuel economy and CO2 emissions are 5.0 L/100 km (47 mph) and 119 g/km. The driver can select one of three eXWD operating modes:

  • The default Eco mode delivers optimal fuel and CO2 efficiency with power assistance to reduce load on the gasoline engine at low speeds;
  • Sport mode includes maximum power assistance with torque vectoring across the rear axle for greater chassis control; and
  • Traction mode enables optimal grip at take-off and in slippery conditions.

The PhoeniX embraces teardrop, ‘liquid metal’ forms and a jet canopy-inspired glasshouse that gives fresh expression to Saab’s wraparound and translucent ice-block design themes. The shape enables an low drag co-efficient of 0.25 and also explores the potential for airflow management through the use of distinctive, side-mounted ‘winglets’.



The door "brows" look horrible!


Very interesting combinations of technology, I think that drive train could drop into a large number of different types of car

Thomas Pedersen

This is a very light hybrid, judging from the relative power outputs from the ICE and E-motor. It seems to me a 120 hp 1.2 litre ICE with a larger E-motor could accomplish the same pleasure of driving at greatly reduced fuel concumption. Even sports cars cruise at 70 mph for most of their miles... However I realize that a smaller ICE costs almost the same whereas a larger E-motor only makes sense with a bigger, more expensive battery.

Note that a smaller ICE and larger E-motor would provice better torque balance between front and rear axle, and also allow smaller packaging of the ICE. A slightly larger battery ensures lower center of gravity too.

Well, I guess it's easy to second-guess the desing of cars that others have the responsibility to actually make... ;) And I guess selling a 1.6 litre sports car is hard enough!

Taking into account the highly 'non-standard-sedan' design, including cameras for mirrors and those ghastly 'brows', a Cd of 0.25 is rather unimpressive. The picture hints to a large venturi on the rear of the car, which would probably explain this paradox.

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