Adaptation of rice shows use of symbiogenics as a new strategy for reducing impacts of climate change and catastrophes on plants
Munich Re: 2011 already the highest-ever loss year on record from natural catastrophes; led by Japan earthquake

Pew Center on Global Climate Change and GPI facilitating new Enhanced Oil Recovery Initiative

Industry, government and organizational leaders last week in Washington, DC launched a national initiative aimed at increasing the supply of domestic oil produced through enhanced oil recovery using carbon dioxide (CO2-EOR). The EOR Initiative is facilitated by the Great Plains Institute (GPI) and the Pew Center on Global Climate Change.

The fiscal struggles facing federal and state governments combined with a challenging political climate demand new ideas for US energy policy. The diverse interests represented in this group offer a unique opportunity to secure broad support for sensible policies that increase domestic oil supply and limit emissions—a win for our nation’s economy, security, and the climate.

—Eileen Claussen, President of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change

In CO2-EOR, carbon dioxide is injected into oil wells to help draw more oil to the surface, while the carbon dioxide remains underground in deep geologic formations. Expanding CO2-EOR will increase domestic production from already developed oil fields, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating economic opportunities, the proponents say.

The EOR Initiative intends to marshal support from diverse constituencies for accelerated nationwide expansion of CO2-EOR projects. Reasonable policies to advance CO2-EOR could produce significant amounts of new oil and advance the development of infrastructure needed for long-term carbon capture and storage. An estimated 35-50 billion barrels of economically recoverable oil could be produced in the United States using currently available CO2-EOR technologies and practices, or potentially more than twice the country’s proved reserves, according to the advocates for the initiative.

The EOR Initiative includes executives from oil and gas, electric power, ethanol, pipeline and other industry sectors; state officials; technical experts; and environmental advocates. The group will develop recommendations for federal and state policymakers on how to ramp up CO2-EOR to improve US energy security, create economic opportunities, support high-paying jobs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The slate of recommendations is expected to be released in early 2012.

Senators Kent Conrad (D-ND) and John Hoeven (R-ND), and Congressman Mike Conaway (R-TX) helped kick off the EOR Initiative. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) and Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN) offered written statements in support of the initiative.

We know where the oil is, we just need the CO2 to help produce it. We are the only company engaged in commercial CO2-EOR in the Great Lakes Region, and we have a limited amount of CO2. With additional supplies of sufficient volumes of CO2 we could produce a significant amount of oil, providing much needed jobs and revenue to local economies.

—Robert Mannes, President and CEO of Michigan-based Core Energy, LLC

Financial support for the EOR Initiative is provided by the Joyce Foundation, the Edgerton Foundation and the Energy Foundation. Additional funding is being sought from foundations, industry, and other private-sector sources.

EOR has the potential to bring Americans together around a common agenda of energy security, job creation, and environmental stewardship, and overcome the energy policy gridlock that’s putting our nation at risk.

—Brad Crabtree, Policy Director at the Great Plains Institute



This is what I suggested 6 years ago.


The governor of Montana was on 60 Minutes years ago saying this. He proposes that Montana coal be used to make synthetic transportation fuel and the CO2 be used to get more oil.


This is what results when it becomes clear there will be an entire new energy paradigm on Earth.

Unfortunately for all these stake holders EOR is far too little too late. The result of selfish refusal to share knowledge and power. And to wield that power with wanton disregard for the needs of the human race.

Now the remnants of the climate campaign are ready to climb into bed with oilcos and coalcos in some desperate attempt to ward off the inevitable. A complete and thorough redesign of energy production and distribution on the planet. Embracing fossil fuel production at this late date is not the leadership we expect from Pew or other environmentalists.

You know what is coming. The result of a lack of acceptance. You fear it will be overly disruptive. But it need not be so IF the former overseers of energy production exercise humility and work with the harbingers of the new paradigm.

We have the knowledge and the means to produce abundant, inexpensive energy. The humans on this planet need it; and they will get it.

Resistance is futile.


I hope Reel$$ has his money invested in Rossi's E-Cat or related things. The crash, the prosecutions for fraud... they are coming. It would be a great benefit to GCC if he had to take a second job and didn't have the time to play the clown in the comment threads.


At least he did not insult anyone personally.


If you think that, you're not paying attention.


He did not insult anyone in this post. You two do nothing but insult one another and that does NOT help the discussion.


Sorry you feel hurt EP. I merely state the facts as I see them. Real environmentalists embrace new offerings of sustainable, clean energy. Reel environmentalists do not enlist politicians and oilcos to protect their fiefdom.

Environmentalists do what is best for people, and the environment. In this case we cannot see how EOR does anything more than defer peak oil a while. And provide a few drilling jobs. There will be millions MORE jobs in the new energy paradigm. Some, dismantling old technology (eg outdated transmission lines, dams, power plants.) Change is hard to begin, but usually good in the end.

The portfolio energy approach embraces a wide variety of alternatives including solar, wind and LANR approved now by US Navy, MIT, NASA and scientists the world over. It will be hard for oil, coal and inefficient alternatives to compete with $.01kWh electricity.

However given an even playing field we still need liquid fuels for huge areas of industry and transport. Cheap electricity means cheap H2 (and fresh water!) and there are plenty of H2 applications awaiting this development.

ai_vin and EP have fought enthusiastically for their climate change driven economy. But the world has voted it down. We are moving on now. To ground breaking new science and technology that will empower millions of poor and disenfranchised. Those who see this as a problem are likely on the wrong planet.

Working together we can build a fruitful, balanced new energy paradigm. All are invited to help in that process.

I merely state the facts as I see them.
Real environmentalists embrace new offerings of sustainable, clean energy.
Real environmentalists know that progress toward clean energy is absolutely essential, and failure means losses more terrible than anything we've seen.

A false claim of clean energy is not an offering. Pursuing a false claim while spurning real ones is at least as bad as doing nothing, because of the wasted effort.

Reel [sic]environmentalists do not enlist politicians and oilcos to protect their fiefdom.
Real environmentalists use science to determine which claims are true and which are false, and then use government to shut down fraudsters. mPower and Flibe Energy are real. Rossi and Blacklight are frauds.
In this case we cannot see how EOR does anything more than defer peak oil a while. And provide a few drilling jobs.
That's very true, and I've said as much. But converting to clean energy requires a strong economy, and the combined effects of expensive oil and domestic supply are better for the USA than expensive oil and foreign supply (and the lobbying clout of foreign oil interests).


Also, the use of CO2 captured from IGCC for EOR releases less CO2 per kWh than even ultrasupercritical steam cycles. If we're going to use coal at all, we need to use it to our best advantage in as many areas as possible.


"Wait a Minute! How about if we write the script as a fraud conspiracy - Scam or Revolution???? An expanding reality show!! We call it The E-Cat Buzz! - another really swell psy-op... er, program!!"

Dennis Busnell Chief Scientist NASA? Nobel Physicist Brian Josephson, MIT PhD Peter Hagelstein, Swedish Academy Sciences Chair Sven Kullander, US Naval Research Lab and dozens of scientists around the world - confirming the existence of viable LENR for the new energy portfolio.

All a part of EP's "frauds." EP = paranoid? Disinfo fail? Big Oil / Big Utility sycophant??


I note that you're willing to make slurs, but silent about taking me up on my bet that Rossi is a fraud.

Res ipsa loquitur.

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