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GM sets first half and June sales records in China on strength of Shanghai GM

General Motors and its joint ventures sold a record 1,273,502 vehicles in the first half of 2011 in China, receiving a boost from all-time June sales of 193,878 vehicles. In the US, GM delivered 1,261,633 vehicles in the first half of 2011, up 16.8% by volume from the same period in 2010.

1H 2011. GM’s first half sales in China increased 5.3% compared with the first six months of 2010, setting an all-time record for first half year sales.

  • Domestic sales by Shanghai GM were up 25.0% year on year to a record 600,002 vehicles.
  • Sales of mini-vehicles in by SAIC-GM-Wuling decreased 5.4% on an annual basis to 641,324 vehicles.
  • FAW-GM’s domestic sales were off 38.8% from the first six months of last year to 30,332 units.

Buick sales rose 28.2% on an annual basis to 324,919 vehicles, primarily the result of demand for its Excelle lower-medium passenger car family. With especially strong demand for its Cruze and Sail small cars, Chevrolet sales in rose 14.5% year on year to 297,841 vehicles. Cadillac sales of 14,078 vehicles jumped 88.3% year on year, receiving a strong boost from the popularity of the SLS luxury business sedan and SRX luxury utility vehicle.

June 2011. In June, sales by GM and its joint ventures were 193,878 units, up 9.9% from last year’s then-record sales for the month of 176,489 units. Shanghai GM’s domestic sales rose 41.4% on an annual basis, reaching a June record 101,524 vehicles and surpassing the 100,000 mark for the second month this year. (US sales hit 215,358 units in June, up 10.2% by volume.)

Buick sales rose 48.4% to 54,140 vehicles compared with the same month last year, as sales of its original Excelle lineup totaled 22,888 units. Buoyed by the continued strength of the Cruze and Sail and the arrival of the new Aveo small car, Chevrolet sales in increased 34.0% from June 2010 to 51,312 units. With demand for the SRX reaching an all-time monthly record of 1,876 units, Cadillac sold 2,722 vehicles in the sixth month of 2011, an increase of 50.2% year on year.

SAIC-GM-Wuling’s sales in decreased 11.2% to 88,027 units in a down market last month. It remained the leader of the mini-commercial vehicle segment despite the expiration of government incentives for consumer purchases. The joint venture’s newest product—the Wuling Hong Guang, which was developed locally by SAIC-GM-Wuling—achieved sales of 18,327 units.



GM China is a success story. Buick is doing exceptionally well. The Chinese market is one of the best in the world right now. EU vehicle manufacturers are also having a field day.

India may be the next major market place for cars.


True. Too bad China loves the Buick Excelle most. They need the Volt technology to keep from an oil addiction like the US. At this rate China will become the most oil-addicted nation, while US and EU transition to EVs. It seems a matter of prestige with EVs viewed as inferior to ICE. Doh! - brainwash?

VW and GM now lead sales of new cars in China with BYD falling to fourth place.


Before the crash GM was making money outside the U.S. It was after $4 gasoline and selling large SUVs that the end was near. They failed to make hybrids after the PNGV program, Honda and Toyota did, the rest is history.


"The rest" is that today, light trucks are ~48% of the US market and GM makes 11% vs Ford's 2nd place 10% of the truck market.

GM hybrids and EVs are not a factor in the market; the Volt is great but, like the Prius, it is not yet a significant percentage of the market.


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