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ANSI Electric Vehicles Standards Panel to convene 2nd meeting in November

10 October 2011

The ANSI Electric Vehicles Standards Panel (EVSP) will convene its second plenary meeting on 17-18 November 2011, in Arlington, Virginia, to continue work on a strategic roadmap identifying the standards and conformity assessment programs needed to enable the widespread acceptance and deployment of electric vehicles and associated infrastructure in the United States.

Participation in the November meeting is open to all affected parties, including representatives of the automotive, electrotechnical, and utilities industries, relevant trade associations, standards development and conformity assessment organizations, government agencies, and academia.

Work to develop the standardization roadmap began in June, with representatives from more than forty leading organizations from the public and private sectors actively participating. To date, the work has been carried out electronically among seven working groups focused on energy storage systems, vehicle components, the vehicle-user interface, charging systems, communications, infrastructure installation, and education and training.

The November meeting will be the first opportunity to discuss and refine in a face-to-face setting an initial draft of the roadmap. The meeting will include both general sessions and breakout groups to look at the roadmap narratives relating to standards for electric vehicles, the built infrastructure and related support services. While in-person attendance is strongly encouraged, teleconference participation will also be available.

The preliminary draft agenda is available on the meeting event page.

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The first three of these working groups "energy storage systems, vehicle components, the vehicle-user interface," will not require standards quite yet. The entire energy storage field is wide open for EVs with manufacturers going in many different directions. This is good. Components and user interface are also non-standard at the moment since each EV design is radically different from the other. Again, this is good.

I guess the message here is... Conformity is detrimental to innovation at this stage of new product development.

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