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Study puts total automobile air emissions costs in 86 metro areas in US at $145M/day

Alliance AutoGas now EPA-certified to convert 200+ vehicle types to propane

Alliance AutoGas, through conversion equipment provider and co-founding partner American Alternative Fuel, is now EPA-certified to convert more than 200 vehicle types to propane autogas utilizing the Prins System. American Alternative Fuel privately funded these Environmental Protection Agency certifications to ensure fleet owners and managers nationwide can choose from a wide variety of vehicle makes and models when converting to clean-burning autogas.

The additions will make the Alliance AutoGas complete program an immediate fit for more fleets. New certifications include the latest model years for the popular Ford Crown Victoria and E-series vans, and additional certifications for several medium duty GM platforms. With more than 200 eligible vehicles, this is the largest privately financed portfolio of autogas vehicle certifications in the US.

Alliance AutoGas provides both bi-fuel and propane-dedicated conversions using Prins vapor and liquid injection technology. The bi-fuel Prins VSI system automatically switches back to gasoline if the autogas tank runs low when a fueling station cannot be reached.


Henry Gibson

A CNG system with removable tanks and home compressors could reduce gasoline consumption for many more automobiles at lower costs, but hydraulic hybrids can cut the use of fuel by at least 30 percent and do not require different engines. The fuel use could be lower with near equal performance with smaller engines. ..HG..

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