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Electric Vehicles International orders 100 additional UQM PowerPhase electric propulsion systems for UPS delivery trucks to be deployed in California

4 January 2012

UQM Technologies, Inc. has received an order for 100 additional PowerPhase HD Select 200 systems from Electric Vehicles International (EVI) that will drive all-electric UPS delivery vans built by EVI. This purchase is in addition to systems previously delivered and integrated into EVI medium-duty trucks and walk-in vans. (Earlier post.)

We’re very pleased that UPS has selected the all-electric EVI delivery van for the expansion of its all-electric delivery van fleet program. The expansion of our business with EVI into UPS vehicles represents a significant deployment of our higher power propulsion systems in the medium-duty commercial truck market and will drive revenue growth in this important segment.

—Eric Ridenour, UQM Technologies President and CEO

According to UPS, it will deploy these 100 all-electric vehicles in California early in 2012, replacing older generation diesel trucks in the largest single deployment of zero tailpipe emission delivery vehicles in the state. UPS estimates that the use of these vehicles will displace 126,000 gallons of fuel a year that would have been burned running diesel trucks.

The UQM PowerPhase HD Select 200 system includes a 200 kW (268 hp)/900 N·m (664 lb-ft) electric motor/generator and controller. The PowerPhase HD series is designed specifically for use in commercial vehicles. UQM electric propulsion systems are used in a variety of segments from motorcycles, cars trucks and buses, and most recently in marine applications.

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Huge corporations like UPS are deploying EV's by the 100(s) because the costs work.

I look forward to seeing EV delivery trucks in my area. UPS/Fedex trucks are among the stinkiest on the round around there.

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