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Japan-based JNC completes bamboo-to-ethanol demonstration plant

Japan-based JNC Corporation and its partners have completed construction of a bamboo-to-ethanol demonstration plant and have begun test runs.

Bamboo is of interest as a biofuel feedstock as it does not compete with food. The bamboo raw material is procured from the city of Minamata.

The demo plant at Kumamoto University saccharifies the bamboo to produce sugar, which is then fermented using genetically modified yeast developed at Sojo University.



Hmmmm. Another wood-to-ethanol project....where have we heard that before? cough-cough range fuels cough-cough


"saccharifies the bamboo to produce sugar..."

This is a different method than Range Fuels used, but I guess you will use any opportunity to bad mouth things you know little or nothing about.


this is just another boondoggle by the America Bamboo Lobby.

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