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Cabot launches new performance additive for advanced Lithium-ion batteries

Cabot Corp. has launched its new LITX50 carbon conductive additive, which is designed to increase the power and energy for lithium-ion batteries used in electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as high-end consumer electronics.

A multi-function product, the LITX50 additive enables more particles to be incorporated in a given electrode layer thickness as it improves conductivity and coating properties of the paste. Due to its structure and morphology, LITX50 additives offer higher solids loadings and packing densities while reducing the amount of solvent and conductive additive needed, Cabot says. LITX50 delivers superior performance under challenging low temperature conditions.

LITX50 complements the new battery materials that developers are exploring for next-generation electric vehicles and high-capacity consumer electronics, Cabot says.

The LITX50 product is a multi-function additive that delivers improved performance across the board. It allows battery makers to coat thinner, more energy dense layers while also achieving superior performance under challenging low temperature conditions.

—Greg Romney, director of new business, Cabot New Business Segment

LITX products are the first of a new Cabot family of performance additives for advanced batteries designed specifically to solve customer problems at the fundamental particle materials level.


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