Hertz participating in Plugless Power’s pilot program for wireless EV charging
Econolite and ISS introduce new hybrid sensor technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems

California Energy Commission soliciting proposals for $18.7M in awards to develop hydrogen fueling infrastructure

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has issed a competitive grant solicitation (PON-11-609) for projects to develop the infrastructure necessary to dispense hydrogen transportation fuel. The goal of this solicitation is to provide grant funds to projects which expand the network of public retail and public-private fleet-based hydrogen fueling stations to serve the current population of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) and to accommodate the planned large-scale roll-out of FCVs commencing in 2015.

The total funding available for grants awarded pursuant to this solicitation is $18.7 million (comprising $10.2 million from the 2010-11 Investment Plan and $8.5 million from 2011-12 Investment Plan).

Projects that upgrade existing public and private hydrogen fueling stations are also eligible for funding under this solicitation.

Applications must correspond to and support FCV manufacturers’ deployment of FCVs and hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles (HICEV) in identified “early-adoption” clusters in California. Alternatively, successful projects may establish hydrogen fueling stations where FCV or HICEV populations are sufficient.

To be eligible under this solicitation, projects must be located in California and include at least one of the following activities:

  • Installation of new retail or fleet hydrogen dispensing stations and equipment.

  • Upgrade/refurbishment of existing hydrogen dispensing stations and equipment.

  • Installation of hydrogen dispensing equipment at a multi-fill station. (A multi-fill station is a station which has dispensers for more than one alternative fuel.)

  • Installation or upgrade of fill systems to supply hydrogen to fueling stations such as specialized trailers or installations to connect a station to a nearby hydrogen pipeline.

  • Installation of equipment for onsite production of renewable hydrogen fuel that is in excess of what is needed to comply with SB 1505.

CEC is encouraging applicants to coordinate their project activities with the upcoming Department of Energy (DOE) hydrogen infrastructure solicitation for advanced fueling technologies, which is anticipated to be released in the first quarter of 2012.

Stations must have a minimum 100 kg per day nominal capacity with 20 kg per hour peak fueling capacity to be eligible.

CEC will hold an application workshop on 22 February; the deadline for submissions is 15 March.



pissing away $18.7M


First people whinge that there is no hydrogen infrastucture, then they complain that a small amount of money is being spent to buiild it.


Remember that there is numerous petrol resellers writing in blogs and their mandate is to retard almost free and non-polluting hydrogen.


It would be good to actually have a plan of FC vehicle deployment before putting in the fueling structure. The Hydrogen Highway idea sounds good, but where are the cars? You could always fuel them in the home garage like the Honda Clarity until you have enough to justify fueling stations.


@ SJC - "It would be good to actually have a plan of FC vehicle deployment before putting in the fueling structure."

The automakers have already begun developing their production FCV commercial introduction plans. This program requires that applicants support those plans in order to be considered:

"Applications must correspond to and support FCV manufacturers’ deployment of FCVs and hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles (HICEV) in identified “early-adoption” clusters in California. Alternatively, successful projects may establish hydrogen fueling stations where FCV or HICEV populations are sufficient."


Plans are not deployment, once you have the cars out there being fueled at home by the 10s of thousands, then you can start deploying the plan.


Hydrogen is made from reforming natural gas (not free, not non-polluting) or dissociating water using electricity (which is not free, etc.).

Where is this "almost free and non-polluting hydrogen", AD? I'd like to know where I can get some.

I'd also like to know how competitive these FC vehicles will be with things like the iMiev and Leaf. If they cost as much as a Tesla roadster, we might as well spend the money on Teslas and let people find their own electricity (which is very cheap compared to petroleum and non-polluting at the point of use).


They are just bulking out the network in time for the 2015 rollout of fuel cell cars. Nothing suprising about that.


They spend $800K on chargers and more than $18 million on H2. I think that it is MUCH more likely to have a lot of EVs in the next few years than a lot of FCV.


"connect a station to a nearby hydrogen pipeline"

How many of those are there? The only ones I can imagine would be at refineries and they have no intention of sending any of that out.

Dave R

This same $18M could install 200-400 DC quick charge stations throughout the state if not more with some smart business arrangements.

10-20 DC quick charge stations in each major metropolitan area (Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego) would satisfy the majority of the demand and you'd get people using them TODAY.

It's a major cluster-**** that California has around 5,000 DC quick charge capable vehicles on the road today, yet there is only one QC station in the entire state that the public can currently use (with permission from Mitsubishi at their HQ in Cypress, CA).

Dave R

BTW - THANK YOU MITSUBISHI for allowing the public to use your DC quick charge station!!!


There are ALOT of h2 pipelines now. The network has been expanding rapidly for years and now spans the entire continent. Duno how dense it is in cal tho.


You need to show links for those H2 pipelines.


Have you ttied to find links for h2 stuff lately sjc? Its realy annoying and most of it is either way out of date or wrong or both and its chock full of wackos high on h2 or who think h2 is EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bah. The internet is too full of wallmart shoppers and kmart queeens,


Hydrogen is an energy carrier (like electricity), not a primary energy source (like coal).

Decomposing water requires electrical or heat input, generated from some primary energy source (fossil fuel, nuclear power or a renewable energy). Note that the energy provided by the energy source provides all of the energy that is available in the hydrogen fuel.

And then there are the problems associated with the storage and transmission of Hydrogen.

Did you see the Hydrogen explosion at the nuclear plant in Japan? That should have opened a few eyes.


Wintermane is full of nonsense. The H2 network runs between refineries on the Gulf coast. H2 is about 3x as energy-intensive to pump than the same energy's worth of methane, and pumping natural gas is already a big energy sink. The losses in a continental H2 pipeline system would be horrendous.


Most of the sites that are listed in a search come back with how hard H2 is to pump, how hard it is to contain and how it makes metal brittle. I see NO mention of any LONG distance H2 pipelines.


Thats why bush spent that money on h2 pipeline tech...

I know I remember them connecting a major pipeline network in the east to one in the west but west to them might have been midwest to us... very hard to find for some reason.

I tried all sorts of combos and only found old data or useless hand drawn maps from.... interesting people...

Anyhoo i do remember current pipeline tech uses some sort of polymer stuff lining the pipe to prevent brittlement AND keep the pesky h2 in as well.. but that itself is old news and who knows what current pipelines are using.


To be expected, the LiIon battery lobby is in a frenzy every time FC vehicles are mentioned.


Hey, don't forget the Li-air and Zn-air lobbies!


I don't think battery companies are too worried about fuel cells.


I think he means the people who have either become fanboys of a tech or company or who have invested alot of money into one and lash out every time h2 stuff shows up.

There are alot of waaaay overinvested people stuck with massive stock losses.. who are now looking at the actual possibility that fuel cell cars ARE gona come rolling in in 2015... and they cant afford to pull out but cant afford to stay in either...

To make matters worse they dont understand how markets work and have no clue about market shakeups and consolidations... so EVEN if h2 doesnt get em.. 90-95% likely they have invested in the wrong company anyway and will still lose everything...

G Hill

Since the 1960's the H2 fan boys (researchers that know what side of the bread that the butter is on) tell the public, "we're just 10yrs from pollution free H2 cars!". But hydrogen is not free ... cost wise, nor pollution wise. They said the same "10years" thing in the 1970's - 1980's - 1990's - 2000's - and now we're nearing the 20-teens. Same'ol same'ol (problems). Trillion dollar infrastructure (for our bankrupt Fed & State gvt) and the same'ol 1/2 million dollar cars. NASA can afford H2. NASA has no alternate fuels. ON tera firma, we DO have better / more practical alternatives. What ... no one else ever read, "The Hydrogen Hoax"? You'll all be flying around on jet packs before we give up on hydrogen, sadly. Special interests LOVE to spend free money. Just follow the trails.




Ah HA!!!!!! found it!!!!!


My google foo came through!!!

As for tanks... I THINK searching under dry tape hydrogen tanks might get somewhere but im not gona look today...

As for production and transport... I have no clue what I was looking for when I stumbled on that info so its doubtful ill find it again anytime soon unless it pops up on rhis site;/

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