3M and Chesapeake Energy Corporation partner to develop and market new CNG tank technology for natural gas vehicles
Alcoa and CPI to establish China JV for high-end fabricated aluminum products; aerospace, automotive, commercial transportation, consumer electronics and packaging markets

Cruze US diesel engine being co-developed with GM diesel center of excellence in Torino, Italy

The coming Chevrolet Cruze diesel engine for the US market (earlier post) will leverage GM’s global powertrain expertise. GM sold more than half a million diesel-powered cars across Europe, Asia, Africa and South America last year, including 33,000 Cruzes. GM expects that the introduction of a diesel option for Cruze—one of the top-selling gasoline-powered cars in the United States in 2011—will fuel its diesel car sales.

For Cruze, powertrain engineers at GM’s diesel center of excellence in Torino, Italy, are working with counterparts in Pontiac, Mich., to develop a world-class engine that delivers outstanding fuel efficiency and torque while providing a smooth, quiet ride. In addition, GM engineers in Russelsheim, Germany, are supporting the program by developing the accessory drive, acoustic cover and other specialized components.

Future Cruze diesel engine development will benefit from GM’s recent commitment to invest €20 million ($26.5 million) to add five new dynamic benches at its Torino facility for climatic, noise and vibration and chassis dynamometer testing. These additions will speed development time.

Climatic tests simulate temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 degrees Celsius) up to (158 °F) (70 °C) and altitudes as high as 10,000 feet (3000 meters). Noise and vibration tests help minimize engine vibro-acoustic response. Chassis dynamometer tests measure emissions.



If you had a 1.4L diesel genset in a Cruze you might just have your 60 mpg compact. The PNGV cars in 1999 were all diesel hybrids that got 70 mpg in a mid sized configuration. If we can do it then we can do it now.


It's called free enterprise Alzheimer?


As the great baseball celebrity Yogi Beara once said "deja vu all over again", what was old is new. I like the practical aspects, they said the PNGV cars were too expensive, well that was then and this is now.


It's called free enterprise Alzheimer?

no it's called Rick & The Putz are no longer running the show.


It seems like U.S. automakers have a problem in their management and marketing. They have a form of group think that comes to conclusions that most others would not come to. Time and time again they state that no one would buy a certain model, yet competitors succeed and then they call it a fad.


All these 'new' and 'revisited' US ICE mpg improvements occur only AFTER Prius, Leaf, etc. start eating the ICE lunch.

Such ICE transportation treachery should be boycotted,
not bailed out and praised. The spots never change.


PNGV led to Prius and Prius led to Volt...only 10 years later. If I were an automaker totally dependent on the oil companies for the future of my business, I would rethink my strategy.


SJC, the 1990's CA. zero emissions lead to the RAV4 EV and Prius. Toyota wasn't allowed US PNGV handouts.

Volt is appearing like the 'halo' stunt/patent/Green research money grab of a 'please bail us out' bankruptcy.

If Volts were really intended for mass sales, prices wouldn't be set in the $40,000s and $5,000 to $10,000 higher than Leafs, i-MiEVs, Plugin Prii,..

Upload a percentage comment of trucks & SUVs vs cars count on the GM lineup.


RAV4EV was due to the ZEV, but the Prius came after the 1995 start of the PNGV. It is widely reported that Toyota watched the PNGV program and intended to do something similar. I never said that Toyota got any PNGV money, because they did NOT.


Maybe Toyota just placed customers and environment first: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/2006/03/06/8370702/


I think Toyota actually took the ZEV and PNGV programs seriously, they innovate while GM litigates.


The diesel engines may come from Peugeot with the newest JV.


"they innovate while GM litigates" says enough..


Toyota got scared by the PNGV Federal program (from which they were excluded by law) and as a result developed the Prius.. meanwhile the Detroit 3 took the billions $$$, developed hybrids and then shelved them.


Both Toyota and Honda saw the PNGV program and knew that they would not be included and concluded that the U.S. car companies were going to be at an advantage over them, so they made the Prius, Insight and eventually the Civic hybrids.

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