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IBM, Statoil, Kongsberg Group and DNV developing integrated environmental monitoring system for offshore oil and gas operations

IBM researchers, developers and a team from IBM’s Centre of Excellence for Oil and Gas in Stavanger, Norway, are collaborating with experts from Statoil, Kongsberg Group and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) on developing a solution that will use industry frameworks combined with advanced streaming analytics technology to enable real-time monitoring of environmental data, and early detection of and response to operational events surrounding offshore oil and gas installations.

The monitoring system will apply advanced streaming analytics technology developed by IBM Research to rapidly measure, process and analyze live physical, biological and chemical data generated by sensors and cameras attached around an offshore installation, making it easier to predict and detect deviations.

Combined with IBM’s advanced modeling techniques, the system is intended to be able to move beyond simply monitoring, to predicting and preventing issues before they occur, helping companies minimize the environmental risk associated with subsea oil and gas operations. IBM will also provide the information integration technology that allows for enterprise-wide visibility and real-time monitoring and analysis of offshore operational systems.

Oil and gas companies currently employ different environmental monitoring methods, but there are no solutions available today that are integrated and enable physical, biological and chemical data to be measured during actual operations. By transforming environmental monitoring from being a separate task into becoming an integrated part of day-to-day operations across the lifetime of an oil field, the system will make it possible for oil and gas companies to predict and more rapidly respond to anticipated conditions.

These include a stop in drilling, shutting down production at an installation, or ceasing construction activity during environmentally sensitive periods.

Statoil commissioned the three-year project as part of the company’s “New Energy and HSE” R&D program, which includes environmental monitoring. Kongsberg will lead the project, as well as provide sensor and acoustic communication technology. DNV will provide marine environmental analytics and risk management methodologies. The solution will be demonstrated at Kongsberg Maritime Subsea on the seabed of the harbor basin in Horten, Norway, before it can be piloted and implemented at Statoil’s offshore operational facilities.

According to Statoil, environmental monitoring is essential for the oil & gas giant in order to achieve its target of zero harmful discharges. This three-year research project will prove whether Statoil succeeds in taking environmental monitoring from being a separate task to become an integrated part of daily production, to achieve even safer operations and reduced costs.


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