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New Hyundai i20 to offer new 1.1L, 3-cylinder diesel; 84 g/km CO2

Hyundai is staging the world premiers of the “All New i20” at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Among the four powertrain options available to buyers of the All New i20 will be the new 1.1-liter, 3-cylinder U-II diesel engine. When mated to Hyundai’s Blue Drive technologies, this derivative, which generates 74 hp (55 kW), emits 84 g/km of CO2—a figure lower than any other car with a conventional powertrain.

The All New i20. Click to enlarge.

The engine was developed at Hyundai’s Diesel Centre of Excellence—part of the European R&D set-up in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

The new engine will be offered alongside another sub-100 g/km diesel. When combined with Blue Drive technologies, the upgraded 1.4-liter U-II 89 hp engine (earlier post) emits 96 g/km.

In terms of dimensions, the width (1710 mm), height (1490 mm) and wheelbase (2525 mm) of All New i20 remain the same, while the length has increased by just 55 mm (front 30 mm, rear 25 mm) over its predecessor to 3995 mm.



Sub-100 g/Km vehicles will normally do 50+ MPG or MPGe. Sub-84 g/Km will even do better. The 1.1L diesel unit could be a good fit for a mid-size PHEV to get better high economy?


Provided that the engine is underpowered, it should be fine.

Many people are complaining that mileages in real world driving conditions are falling well short of the claimed figures, even when driving carefully.


Edit: I meant to say provided that the engine ISNT underpowered - oops!


Scott, I think that's a gas engine problem. VW owners routinely report higher than EPA results from their diesel vehicles. It's harder for a diesel engine manufacturer to game the test.

The big problem would simply be the size and the 0-60 time. I saw Kia has a small diesel car that gets 80 MPG in the UK - perhaps equivalent to 60 MPG US. But it's 0-60 time was 13 seconds.

But for US, that 1.4L diesel in a subcompact 4 door might be a real 50 MPG car.


I know people on the UKPassat Forum who have bought the B7 PassatBluemotion with the 1.6 litre diesel and many are complaining of getting figures which are very marginally better than the B7 2.0 litre diesel version, even when driven carefully. The only saving to be gained is with annual Vehicle Excise Duty and [for company car drivers] company car taxes which reflect the official lower CO2 and fuel consumption ratings.

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