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DfT Green Bus funding to support 70 more hybrid buses in London

Newly announced funding from the UK Department for Transportation’s Green Bus Fund will support the deployment of 70 more hybrid buses in London with a £5 million award. At least 400 hybrid buses are now expected to be in service in London by the end of March 2013.

There are currently more than 260 hybrid buses operating in London.

The DfT’s Green Bus Fund was set up to support bus companies and local authorities, such as TfL, to introduce low carbon vehicles which will have a positive effect on the environment.

TfL was awarded £5m in 2009, £8m in 2010 and £5m in 2011 by the fund.

The DfT’s £31m Green Bus Fund will result in 439 new low-carbon buses operating in many towns and cities in England by March 2013.



This is probably one of the most aggressive diesel hybrid city bus program around. We have announced a $87M development program with Volvo-Nova and others to duplicate something very similar. It would have cost a lot less to change the paint color.

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