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ABB launching Terra 51 DC fast charger in US market; Combo charging standard prototype at EVS26

ABB has entered the US market for electric vehicle charging solutions with the launch of its Terra 51 direct current (DC) charger. The Terra 51 is CHAdeMO-certified and services all DC fast-charge capable cars that are currently on the market. At EVS26, ABB will also showcase the first prototype of a Terra 51 that supports the Combo charging standard, adopted by US and European carmakers. (Earlier post.)

The Terra 51 is an intelligent DC fast charger that reduces electric vehicle charging times from eight hours, using regular alternating current (AC), to as little as 15 to 30 minutes. The Terra 51 was initially launched in Europe in 2010 as the region’s first commercially available DC charging station and is well established as the leading fast charger in terms of installed base, reliability and functionality, according to the company.

The Terra 51 comes standard with a full range of cloud-based services that provide connectivity, security, applications and support and enable operators to get the most out of their charging infrastructure. All Terra chargers are connected to a network providing software upgrades, remote maintenance, servicing and monitoring.

The Terra 51 will be manufactured in New Berlin, Wisconsin and is available for delivery in the second half of this year.



One more way to get faster charges for larger battery packs used on longer range BEVs. Most drivers would not mind a 15 minute stop every two/three hours to recharge.

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