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IR introduces ultra-fast switching, rugged 600V high frequency IGBTs for EV and HEV applications

International Rectifier introduced a new 600V automotive grade IGBT platform—COOLiRIGBT—for use in a wide range of fast switching applications for electric (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) including on-board DC-DC converters, motor drives, and battery chargers.

The new Gen. 1 COOLiRIGBT devices are capable of operating at the same fast switching speeds as MOSFETs while offering higher efficiency at high current levels. The first generation COOLiRIGBT devices cover a broad current range and offer a minimum short circuit rating of 5μs, low Vce(on) and positive Vce(on) temperature coefficient. Additional features common to the family include square reverse bias safe operating area (SRBSOA) and maximum junction temperature of 175 °C. COOLiRIGBT also provides designers with the flexibility of selecting a diode with optimized performance for the application.

With an extended temperature range of 175 ˚C and much simpler and more rugged device structure, IR’s 200kHz capable COOLiRIGBTs offer a superior and lower cost solution for fast switching applications such as HEV DC-DC converters or chargers and power supplies used in Plug-in-HEVs and EVs compared to super junction MOSFETs.

—Benjamin Jackson, Senior Power Switch Product Manager, IR’s Automotive Products Business Unit

The AUIRGC655A1N0 is optimized for main electric and hybrid vehicle inverters and large motor drives while the AUIRGC65A20N0 and AUIRGC65G20N0 are targeted for power supply and high switching frequency applications.

In addition to offering a higher maximum junction temperature and hard switching up to 200kHz, the two devices deliver improved performance of higher currents due to lower conduction losses and enhanced efficiency when used in resonant Zero Current Switching (ZCS) topologies.

IR’s automotive IGBTs are subject to dynamic and static part average testing combined with 100% automated wafer level visual inspection as part of IR’s automotive quality initiative targeting zero defects. The new devices are all environmentally friendly and assembled with IR’s automotive grade bill of materials which are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

Pricing for the AUIRGC65A20N0, AUIRGC65G20N0 and AUIRGC655A1N0 begins at US$1.72, US$1.87 and US$3.47 respectively, each in 100,000-unit quantities. Production orders are available immediately. Samples of die and packaged devices are available to qualified customers. Prices are subject to changes.

IR’s COOLiR silicon and advanced COOLiR2 packaging technology provide a new power management platform approach for H(EV) vehicles to help address the need to reduce the size, weight and system cost of electric power train components while increasing system reliability for long lifetime, low maintenance and low warranty cost. The COOLiR2DIE package platform supports all of IR’s Solderable Front Metal (SFM) capable technologies including IGBTs, MOSFETs and diodes and scales to large die sizes also supporting multi-die attach outlines.



More lower cost competitive high performance components is positive for future lower cost electrified vehicles.


More good news indeed. But I wonder when the cutover to GalliumNitride will happen as it is even more efficient and can run at higher temperatures...and doesn't get to those higher temperatures in the first place because it has less loss due to resistance (and therefore less heat generated).

Henry Gibson

Diesel electric locomotives operated for several decades without and transistors. Perhaps TATA can discover the old mostly efficient technology with brushes and make an affordable electric vehicle. ..HG..


The cost of the EV isn't in the inverters, it's in the batteries.  Going cheap on the electronics ultimately makes the car more expensive.


Inverters are pretty expensive, the Leaf inverter is about $4k at the parts counter, and that includes a 20% mechanics discount.

Fast switching speeds and higher working temperatures means lesser need for liquid cooling.. I like that, the only liquid in an BEV should be in the cup holders :)

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