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ITM Power and Hardstaff Group to develop hydrogen-CNG fuel system for heavy-duty vehicles

22 May 2012

UK clean fuel and energy storage company ITM Power and The Hardstaff Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop and market a Hydrogen Compressed Natural Gas (HCNG) fuel system for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).

The Hardstaff Group provides solutions for the use of natural gas and biomethane in HGVs. The Hardstaff Group of companies consists of: T. Baden Hardstaff (Hardstaff Haulage), Hardstaff Traffic Barrier Services, Charnwood Truck Services and Portal Gas Services. This range of expertise allows Hardstaff Group to provide turn-key solutions from infrastructure through to the design and sale of bespoke vehicles.

ITM Power designs and manufactures hydrogen energy systems for energy storage and clean fuel production. ITM Power is committed to clean sustainable energy solutions based around water electrolysis.

Natural Gas or Bio Methane may be combined at various ratios with hydrogen to produce HCNG, which, when burned, offers benefits in the emissions performance and efficiency of engines. These improvements in combustion not only reduce the tailpipe emissions of carbon dioxide, NOx, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons but also allow for increased engine speed operation, enabling the downsizing of engines. Engine downsizing results in improved operational efficiency and reduced weight.

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