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CNG vehicle converter BAF acquires auto emissions solutions provider ServoTech Engineering

BAF Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Clean Energy Fuels Corp., has acquired ServoTech Engineering, Inc., an auto emissions solutions provider. BAF, the leading US provider of natural gas vehicle systems and conversions, recently produced its 20,000th compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle conversion. BAF is the first CNG converter to be recognized as a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) for gaseous fuels.

Dr. Hamid Servati, ServoTech’s current president, will continue to lead the new BAF subsidiary’s operations. As a Ford Qualified Calibration Modifier (QCM), ServoTech has direct access to the Ford engine calibration strategy. Each vehicle converted by BAF is registered through Ford Quality Fleet Care (QFC) for all warranty and service work.

This makes BAF the only natural gas vehicle QVM with this level of access. Currently, BAF has nine different engine families that were developed with ServoTech. ServoTech’s long-term relationship with Ford will support BAF in developing calibrations more efficiently going forward. We expect this will enable BAF to have CARB-and EPA-approved vehicles on the road faster than ever.

—BAF President John Bacon

BAF crash tests all of its light-duty vehicle products to achieve FMVSS-303 compliance. It has a network of 65 Ford dealers across the country certified to service the company’s CNG conversions.

Since 1987, ServoTech has provided auto emission solutions to the OEM and vehicle retrofit/aftermarket industry, helping manufacturers and vehicle converters comply with emission reduction goals and standards. The company offers research, development and testing services, manufacturing capabilities, software design and development, engine management systems and technical training and education.

In addition, ServoTech designs and manufactures emissions control systems for engine test cells, including a NOx controller, catalytic converters, and electronic controls.



Im interrested to buy a conversion but not for an old ford but for an old dodge neon 2005 4 cylinders 4 strokes overhead single camshaft 5-20 ordinary grade motor oil 5 speeds manual transmission 2 liters gasoline 87 octane regular grade. I will just another lpg tank while keeping the old gasoline tank for when there is no lpg for sale or in case the lpg become more costly then gasoline.

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