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EUCAR calls for targeted support for automotive initiatives in €80B Horizon 2020 program; targeting €5B budget

PowerGenix, China City Construction Corporation, and Huainan City partner on nickel-zinc battery manufacturing; targeting micro-hybrids

PowerGenix, the leading manufacturer of high performance, rechargeable Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) batteries, China City Construction Corporation (CCCC) and Huainan City have signed a three-party agreement to create the first commercial-scale Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) battery manufacturing center. The agreement provides a strategic framework for cooperation between the three parties as well as financial incentives for the joint venture, known as CCCC-PowerGenix Clean Energy Co., Ltd.

In December 2011, PowerGenix signed a joint venture agreement with CCCC to develop, manufacture and sell NiZn batteries for the automotive market—with an initial focus on micro-hybrid start-stop applications—and other markets. (Earlier post.)

The new agreement marks an important milestone in the joint venture, the partners said, and brings further validation to the commercialization of NiZn technology for micro-hybrid vehicles.



NiZn battery was invented by Thomas Edison in 1901. It has excellent high discharge capability (60C) but suffered from low cycles for the last 100+ years. Recent modified/improved units are doing better with 1000+ cycles and could do well on micro-hybrid (stop-start) vehicles at an affordable price.


1,000 cycles won't cut it for a stop/start.
That is why Peugeot use Maxwell capacitors and get 600,000.


DaveM...1000 is for deep cycles. It is probably many times more for smaller partial cycles. However, it will certainly not match capacitors but it could be a much cheap solution.


but the power density is not very compelling, only 60Wh/Kg

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