US BOEM to offer more than 20M acres offshore Texas for oil and gas exploration; includes all available unleased areas in Western Gulf
Ford prices C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid at $29,995 after federal tax credit; expects conquest rate of about 50%

Schneider Electric, Coulomb make charging announcements at Plug-in 2012

At Plug-in 2012, Schneider Electric announced US availability of its latest EVlink indoor Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging station. Also at the event, Coulomb Technologies announced the release of its ChargePoint 4.0 platform for electric vehicle drivers and charging station owners.

Schneider Electric. The new EVlink charging station is available for residential and now indoor light commercial applications. Enhanced features of the Schneider Electric EVlink indoor EV charging station include:

  • Personalization: Included with each charging station is the option to build on the clean design of the charger by customizing it from a library of more than 600 unique skin designs or uploading your own personal photo or image.

  • Convenience and Ease-of-Use: Separate cable bracket and dock included offer versatile installation options and easy cable organization, keeping the plug clean and organized. A portable plug-aside option will be available later in the year, and will offer greater charging flexibility, meaning it can be taken from one home to another, for various uses such as in a vacation home.

  • Compatibility: Offers broader compatibility with EV makes and models to better serve customers today and the range of EVs expected on the market in the future.

  • Wider Installation Options: Now more versatile and works with a greater number of applications, including locations wired for either 208 or 240 voltage.

  • Enhanced Support Network: Expanded customer support services and better troubleshooting empowers users to easily identify and resolve faults.

Coulomb Technologies. With a new streamlined and updated look, ChargePoint 4.0 provides features including: patent-pending ChargePoint Connections, dashboards, support for multi-site deployments, and the ability to create new pricing structures for charging services. New features include:

  • New ChargePoint enhanced user interface design and website: The launch of ChargePoint 4.0 includes a newly designed look and feel, revised online dashboards and a new corporate logo and design elements. Station owners now have an easy to use online solution that provides access to all station data and metrics through an easy to use dashboard. Drivers and station owners can easily view personal, organization and network-wide statistics, as well as recent usage, real-time availability of stations and real-time charging data for public or home chargers.

  • ChargePoint Connections lets station owners build a relationship with drivers who use their stations. For example, retailers, hotels, restaurants and parking garage operators can use ChargePoint Connections as a way to attract and retain new customers. This mechanism will enable sending special offers, messages and discounts via email, text message or mobile alerts.

  • Multi-site deployment support allows corporations to view and manage their charging stations world-wide from a single location and login. At the same time, those corporations can grant selectable levels of control over any group of their stations to local installation, support and management teams.

  • New pricing structures expand upon ChargePoint’s Flex Billing with several new features, including the ability to combine per-hour and per-kWh fees, and the ability to charge by plug-in time or actual charging time. Station owners can specify preferred pricing groups, each with different pricing rules.

  • Simplified workflows and administration: ChargePoint 4.0 optimizes the workflow of managing charging stations.

  • Advanced Analytics: ChargePoint 4.0’s integrated analytics engine provides sophisticated metrics around station occupancy and energy consumption, including peak power usage statistics, GhG emissions, station revenue and other valuable data.

ChargePoint 4.0 is a free upgrade for all ChargePoint account holders and will go live for all station owners and drivers in September, 2012.



The eventual goal needs to be a wireless, inductive charging station that sits on one's garage floor, turns on automatically in the night when electricity rates are lower, and communicates with each car as needed. This is not a high hurdle, and the first company that comes out with this at a reasonable price will have a leg up on the competition.


Oh, I almost forgot the other song I have been singing - that is to also have a range extender in each vehicle so people don't continually have to worry about running out of battery power. Once these two features are in place, again for a reasonable price, electric vehicles will become more popular. Neither inductive charging or a range extender are rocket science, and need not be expensive.


It occurs to me that Hanazawa's capacitive power-transfer scheme would also work in a drive-on-pad scheme, and avoid the eddy-current losses and stray EMFs of induction.

The difference is that Hanazawa's system could also be applied to the roadway itself, eliminating any need to put a combustion engine aboard the vehicle.


Yes E-P...that's the way to go for limitless range EVs. People living on streets and roads so equipped could also pick up the e-energy required without ugly poles and external wires etc. ONE common e-power distribution system for EVs and homes. Stealing energy may become a problem to solve but a secure system could be designed and installed.

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