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Solena Fuels selects Oxford Catalysts’ microchannel FT technology for GreenSky BTL plant in UK

US-based Solena Fuels has selected microchannel Fischer-Tropsch (FT) technology developed by the Oxford Catalysts Group for use in a biomass-to-liquids (BTL) project under development in the UK. (Earlier post.)

After a formal evaluation of available technologies performed by Fluor Corporation on behalf of Solena, Oxford Catalysts was selected by Solena as the sole supplier of FT technology for GreenSky London.

The core of Solena’s three-step solution is its patented Solena Plasma Gasification (SPG) technology, which is capable of producing a synthetic fuel gas (BioSynGas) from the thermal conversion of bio-based hydrocarbons. In the second step of the overall process, Solena uses the Fischer-Tropsch reaction to transform the syngas into light FT liquids and FT wax. The third step upgrades the FT products into jet fuel.

The project, known as GreenSky London, will convert waste biomass into sustainable jet fuel, and aims to become Europe’s first commercial scale sustainable jet fuel facility. The leading partner in the project is British Airways, which intends to use the low-carbon fuel to power part of its fleet by 2015.

In addition, Solena has entered into an understanding with the Oxford Catalysts Group to supply microchannel FT units for Solena’s future BTL projects with airlines and shipping companies. These projects include GreenSky California, GreenSky Rome and GreenSky Stockholm.

Successful implementation of the GreenSky London project and receipt of the order will generate revenues to Oxford Catalysts in excess of $30 million (during the construction phase to 2015), and additional ongoing revenues of more than $50 million over the first fifteen years of the plant’s operation.


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