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CD-adapco releases Li-ion battery simulation module for CAE software; part of DOE’s CAEBAT program

CD-adapco, a provider of computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools, has released the STAR-CCM+ Battery Simulation Module, which is designed to simulate spirally wound lithium-ion battery cells. The technology is aimed at helping the automotive and battery industries more quickly design and develop advanced electric drive vehicle power sources.

The project, which began in August 2011, is co-sponsored by the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The new spiral cell software was developed within the first year of a multi-year award. The tool was created in conjunction with Battery Design LLC, Johnson Controls, Inc., and A123 Systems.

Proliferating simulation methods in the new and rapidly changing field of lithium-ion battery development is the goal of the CAEBAT (Computer-Aided Engineering for Electric Drive Vehicle Batteries) project. [Earlier post.] By including such models in to their mainstream product, CD-adapco is supporting the Department of Energy to meet these goals.

—Ahmed Pesaran, Energy Storage group team leader at the NREL

Battery Design LLC’s President Robert Spotnitz, a 30-year veteran of analytical methods applied to electrochemistry, said that the code includes some of the latest techniques for modeling electrochemical and thermal performance.

This computer simulation technology project was one of three chosen to support the DOE’s CAEBAT program to reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy provided the funding.

The other two industry teams working with NREL in the CAEBAT program are: EC Power, Penn State University, Johnson Controls, Inc., and Ford; and General Motors, ANSYS, and ESim.

Goals of the project include developing battery engineering tools to design cells and battery packs; validating the accuracy of those tools; shortening prototyping and manufacturing processes; improving overall battery performance, safety, and life; and reducing battery costs.

CD-adapco already is the distributor for Battery Design Studio—a tool that allows engineers to design lithium-ion batteries, simulate performance, and analyze data—produced by Battery Design LLC.

CD-adapco is the largest independent computation fluid dynamics (CFD)-focused CAE provider; its core products are the simulation packages STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD.


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