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Neste Oil and Stora Enso cancel planned biomass-to-liquids plant, to continue cooperation on other bio products

Neste Oil and Stora Enso have decided not to progress with their plans to build a commercial-scale biomass-to-liquids plant using a Fischer-Tropsch process with wood biomass feedstock. (Earlier post.)

The partners had applied for funding under the EU’s NER 300 program; however, the EC recently published a review of projects that have applied for NER funding, and Neste Oil’s and Stora Enso’s project is not among those listed as scheduled to receive this funding.

We have calculated the cost of the project very carefully and realistically. It would have represented a very significant investment and we concluded that we would not have gone ahead in any case, even if we had won public funding.

Technically speaking, our work was a great success and we are very satisfied with what we achieved. Cooperation between the two companies has also been very smooth and will continue in the future in the area of other bio-based products.

—Neste Oil’s President & CEO, Matti Lievonen, and Stora Enso’s CEO, Jouko Karvinen

The trials carried out by Neste Oil and Stora Enso at a pilot plant in Varkaus between 2009 and 2011 on the entire chain needed for the planned plant—from wood biomass to biowax suitable for use as a raw material for producing renewable diesel—proved very successful, the companies said.


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