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New Federal-Mogul coated diesel piston reduces friction up to 13%; reduced fuel consumption and CO2

Scanning electron microscope picture of EcoTough skirt coating. Click to enlarge.

Federal-Mogul Corporation has developed a new coated diesel piston that reduces frictional losses in both light and heavy-duty engine applications. This improves fuel economy, CO2 emissions, noise and refinement. Currently undergoing development with two leading engine manufacturers, the EcoTough Diesel piston skirt coating is expected to enter production in 2013.

Building on its work with leading vehicle makers who are currently using EcoTough for gasoline applications (earlier post), Federal-Mogul has optimized the coating’s components to meet the requirements of highly loaded diesel engines.

EcoTough Diesel uses solid lubricants, including graphite, and a carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer base to provide lower friction, higher scuff resistance and improved wear resistance.

Tests using a single-cylinder engine have demonstrated that EcoTough Coated Diesel pistons reduced friction by up to 13%, compared with conventional graphite coatings. The EcoTough coating also has a high wear resistance that can be used in the design process to increase piston skirt clearance, further reducing friction and fuel consumption without compromising NVH and engine durability.

A very effective way of reducing friction in an engine is to reduce contact between the piston skirt and cylinder wall. Federal-Mogul has a robust coating application process for series production that delivers the specified thickness necessary to ensure that increased skirt clearance allows no lateral movement of the piston, which would otherwise compromise NVH.

—Dr. Frank T.H. Doernenburg, Federal-Mogul's director of technology, pistons and pins

The pistons are compatible with existing and advanced cylinder bore finishes and can be introduced in volume engine production as a running change. The EcoTough material formulation also meets the most stringent environmental standards and contains no toxic solvents.

The EcoTough Diesel coating was developed at Federal-Mogul’s Piston Production and Development Centre in Nuremberg, Germany.



It's amazing how even ICE metal-to-metal friction suddenly decreases as EV's enter the market.

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