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Neste Oil introducing Neste Pro Diesel with minimum 15% NExBTL renewable diesel content; complies with Category 4 WWFC specification

Neste Oil will launch premium-quality Neste Pro Diesel in Finland on 9 September. The new product—the first diesel fuel to comply with the toughest Worldwide Fuel Charter (WWFC) specification (Category 4, earlier post)—contains a minimum of 15% NExBTL renewable diesel.

Because of the renewable content, vehicles using Neste Pro Diesel generate up to 20% lower greenhouse gas emissions, as well as lower NOx, particulate, and hydrocarbon emissions. Studies at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and Neste Oil’s Engine Laboratory have also shown that Neste Pro Diesel:

  • Reduces fuel consumption by up to 5%, depending on the vehicle, driving style, and driving conditions;

  • Increases engine power and torque by up to 4% compared to conventional diesel fuel;

  • Improves engine performance, particularly in cold weather, and reduces engine noise;

  • Enhances engine reliability during the winter, thanks to its excellent cold weather properties; and

  • helps motor oil last longer.

Compatible with all diesel vehicles, the new fuel also improves overall performance and reduces greenhouse gas and tailpipe emissions.

The new fuel is the first to comply with the Category 4 diesel specification drawn up as part of the Worldwide Fuel Charter (WWFC) by automotive manufacturers in Europe, the US, and Asia. WWFC specifications are based on R&D work and experience gathered from fuels used worldwide, and the highest WWFC specification calls for standards exceeding those of conventional fuel specifications.

Neste Pro Diesel will be available at all of Neste Oil’s service stations across Finland and will replace the diesel fuel currently sold at these outlets, as well as Neste Green diesel, which contains a minimum of 10% renewable content. Conventional diesel will continue to be available at Neste Oil’s Express and Truck stations.


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