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TRW launching integrated stability control and electric park brake system

29 October 2012

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. has won initial business awards for its integrated Electric Park Brake (EPBi) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. The integration of the two technologies eliminates the need for a separate electronic control unit in the system network, as the EPB control functions are performed within the upgraded ESC electro-hydraulic control unit. (Earlier post.)

The combined system will launch in Europe and Asia Pacific with major vehicle manufacturers commencing in 2014 and later in North America. The system will launch on C, D, E and MPV vehicle segments in Europe and in China.

We can realize significant benefits when integrating the two technologies: reducing system complexity, weight and installation effort, in addition to offering vehicle manufacturers a potential cost reduction resulting from the elimination of the ECU.

—Josef Pickenhahn, vice president engineering, Braking

The EPBi system, as with TRW’s production EPB system, helps to enhance driving safety and comfort, as well as providing greater freedom in interior design and packaging. EPB and EPBi include additional functions such as drive away assist, automatic hill hold and electronically controlled deceleration—features which are not available with conventional mechanical park brake systems.

The new vehicle platforms will feature TRW’s EBC460 slip control technology—its most advanced ESC.

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ESC is reckoned to reduce fatalities by 40%.
It is as big an improvement as seat belts.

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