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Audi highlights Urban Intelligent Assistant Research at LA Auto Show

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi showcased its Audi Urban Intelligent Assist (AUIA) research (earlier post), highlighting the technologies and approaches it is taking to make the challenges of navigating the chaotic roadways of the world’s megacities less stressful, safer and more efficient a generation from now.

The AUIA exhibit in Audi’s stand at the auto show highlights the advancements in predictive technology made by AUIA, harnessing the power of Big Data through algorithms, real time data, Human Machine Interface (HMI), advanced sensors, lidar/radar detections and other innovative approaches.

Audi intends to develop connected car technologies that reduce congestion and improve safety. The research is also focused on providing information to motorists on the driving conditions that will confront them before they begin their journeys—and along their routes—each day.

AUIA was launched in 2011 by AUDI AG and the Volkswagen Group Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) in Silicon Valley, in collaboration with four universities: University of Southern California; UC Berkeley; UC San Diego; and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI).

AUIA video published earlier this year.


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