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Oxford Catalysts signs FT catalyst service agreement with Mourik LP

Oxford Catalysts Group has signed a service agreement with Mourik LP to provide catalyst handling services for the Group’s small-scale commercial Fischer-Tropsch (FT) reactors.

The replacement of spent with fresh catalyst every two to five years is required for all FT technologies. Mourik has been working closely with the Group for more than a year to qualify procedures for loading and unloading catalyst from the Group’s commercial FT reactors to be deployed in modular plants.

Catalyst replacement (loading and unloading), activation, and regeneration of the Group’s FT units is quicker and / or easier than with competing FT technologies, thereby simplifying logistics and enabling improved asset utilization.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, the Mourik group is a global leader in catalyst handling with 2011 turnover of €415 million (US$529 million) and offices in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. The service agreement with Mourik ensures that the Group’s customers receive preferred service and best available pricing for their catalyst handling requirements.


Henry Gibson

Eventually some combination of catalyst and process will allow the direct conversion of methane and oxygen (HHHCH+O) to Methanol (HHHCOH) and the heat lost in the process can be used to produce New York City steam or other heating.

Since the exhaust from Capstone turbines is clean enough to breathe, trailers with several turbines could be used to get trains through tunnels with failed electrical systems. When not needed for attaching to trains, they can feed steam to NYC and electricity to the third rail. ..HG..

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