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Peugeot ratchets down fuel consumption on on 1.6 HDi and 1.6 e-HDi engines

Peugeot has further lowered the fuel consumption of its 1.6 HDi and 1.6 e-HDi diesel engine through a variety of technologies, including:

  • New variable delivery oil pump, making it possible to adjust effort taken from the engine to just what is strictly necessary;

  • new low viscosity engine and gearbox oils so as to reduce the mechanical losses resulting from friction;

  • new generation crankshaft oil seals, allowing reduced sealing load and so of friction;

  • redesigned alternator drive belt pulley for lower belt tension; and

  • low-friction vacuum pump to avoid energy losses.

Depending on version, these engine developments are supplemented by an aerodynamic kit (spoiler, underbody shield), Low or Ultra Low Resistant tires. The new CO2 figures go as allow as 90 g/km for the 208 1.6 e-HDi 92ch with a 5-speed manual gearbox; equivalent to 67 mpg US.>

Average CO2 emissions for the entire Peugeot range has dropped from 128.6 g/km in 2011 to 125.2 at the end of May 2012. As a result, 79% of Peugeot vehicles have CO2 emissions of less than 140 g/km. Peugeot is targeting average CO2 emissions of 116 g/km in 2015. To achieve this, several approaches are used: the diesel-electric hybrids (HYbrid4 technology), reducing the weight of vehicles, a new generation of 3-cylinder gasoline engines, and second-generation eHDi Stop&Start.



Amazing what can be done with very well known technologies?


It's a shame that we cannot get Peugeot in the US. Peugeot's willingness to combine diesel, hybrid and all wheel drive make the Prius and other hybrids here look like a joke.


The action is with the ordinary diesels (maybe with stop/start). The hybrid diesels are too expensive.

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