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ACL to begin transporting Canadian crude by inland barge to Gulf Coast for oil sands company MEG Energy

American Commercial Lines (ACL) will begin transporting crude oil by barge on the US inland waterways for MEG Energy (US) Inc. (MEG Energy), a subsidiary of the Canadian oil sands company MEG Energy Corp. Crude oil will arrive primarily via pipeline and will be transferred to barges at storage terminals located on the inland waterways for transport by ACL to the Gulf Coast.

ACL is dedicating new tank barges built by its manufacturing division Jeffboat into service for MEG Energy, as well as newly repowered and refurbished towboats.

One tank barge has the cargo capacity of 46 rail cars or 144 trucks, ACL said (about 27,600 barrels). Viewed another way, two tank barges have almost the capacity of a unit train of 100 tank cars (earlier post). In 2011, ACL launched the first in a series of tanker barges to be constructed at its Jeffboat manufacturing facility through 2012 to replace retiring fleet capacity.

The first of the barges, launched on May 2012, was a clean service tanker with a capacity of 30,000 barrels. It included a redesigned stainless steel piping system and a new radial rake design that will also be found on the tankers the company plans to build through the end of 2013.

In April 2012, ACL purchased eight 20,000 barrel capacity tank barges from SeaRiver Maritime Inc., a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation, to expand its fleet of 325 tank barges to meet mid-range demands.

American Commercial Lines Inc. is an integrated marine transportation service company owned by Platinum Equity and operating in the United States Jones Act trades. The Company is headquartered in Jeffersonville, IN, has approximately 2,200 employees and operates a fleet of approximately 120 tow boats and 2,300 barges. The Company is the direct parent of Commercial Barge Line Company.

MEG Energy is a Canadian oil sands company focused on in situ development and production. MEG also owns interests in two key midstream assets including Access Pipeline and Stonefell Terminal. Stonefell Terminal is a planned 900,000 barrel storage facility located near Edmonton. The partially-constructed facility is expected to be complete in 2013.

On completion, Stonefell will be tied into the Access Pipeline with planned connections to other regional pipeline and rail transportation infrastructure.


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