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ADAC/Stiftung Warentest test finds Varta AGM battery as top for start-stop

Johnson Controls announced that a test of 10 different batteries performed by ADAC (German Automobile Club) and Stiftung Warentest, the German consumer organisation that carries out comparative product tests, found that its VARTA Start-Stop Plus AGM is the top battery for vehicles with advanced Start-Stop technology and regenerative braking.

The judges also rated the VARTA Start-Stop with EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology—designed for vehicles with standard Start-Stop functions—as “good”.

The ADAC and Stiftung Warentest partnered to test the two VARTA batteries with five other Start-Stop batteries from other manufacturers, along with three conventional batteries. The VARTA Start-Stop Plus achieved the top score against two other AGM batteries.

The batteries tested were:

  • AGM batteries: Banner Running Bull AGM 57001; Exide Micro Hybrid AGM EK700; JCI / VARTA Start-Stop Plus E39

  • EFB batteries: Banner Running Bull EFB 57000; Exide Micro Hybrid ECM EL700; JCI / VARTA Start-Stop E45; Moll 82070 EFB

  • Car starter batteries: Banner Power Bull P7209; Bosch Silver S4 Exide Premium EA722

The judges found that conventional batteries are not suitable for modern vehicles with Start-Stop technology. According to the ADAC, normal wet-cell batteries are not able to cope with being left running for such long periods, leading to failure.

Both VARTA batteries offer high reserve capacity and low water consumption. The judges rated the partial discharge cycles and charge acceptance “very good”.

With AGM technology, almost all the battery acid is held within a glass-fibre mat. This means that AGM batteries boast a considerably longer service life and are known for their outstanding performance. The VARTA Start-Stop Plus battery is completely leak-proof and 100% maintenance-free, and has three times as much cyclic stability as conventional batteries.

The VARTA Start-Stop battery with EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology was specially developed for basic Start-Stop functions found in such popular small cars as the Fiat 500 and Toyota Yaris. It offers twice the cyclic stability of conventional batteries, meaning it can be discharged more deeply without suffering any loss in functionality.



Many cheap E-bikes/vehicles come with AGM batteries. They must be constantly recharged/topped-off for any battery longevity and this drives one to li-ion batteries at the first opportunity.

Urban stop-start driving would draw the battery down, then it is parked without recharging.

How does Varta AGM overcome typical AGM performance?

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