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BMW introduces 4 Series Concept Coupé; Air Curtain and Air Breather for front wheel aero enhancements

In Munich, BMW presented the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe—a look ahead to the fourth generation of its sporty mid-range coupé, and successor to the current generation of the BMW 3 Series Coupé and Convertible.

BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé. Click to enlarge.

The wheelbase (2,810 mm) is 50 millimeters longer than that of the existing 3 Series Coupé, while 45 mm has been added to the front track (1,545 mm) and 80 mm to the rear track (1,593 mm). At 1,826 mm wide, the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé is 44 mm broader than its predecessor, its roof line is 16 mm lower (1,362 mm) and it is also longer (4,641 mm).

Air intake. Click to enlarge.

Air intake. The hallmark BMW kidney grille is closed off in the interests of optimizing aerodynamics and keeping fuel consumption low, and the areas between the grille slats are blanked off by dark surfaces. The large air intake is located in the front apron.

The two vent surrounds on either side of the intake replicate the contours of the hexagonal headlight graphics. The sides of the two flanking vents are of differing thickness and lend the front end a dynamic appearance while at the same time marking off specific areas of the intake for brake and oil cooling and for the Air Curtain.

Air Breather Click to enlarge.

This EfficientDynamics feature channels the incoming air around the outside of the wheels, ensuring the airflow “hugs” the wheel arches and fuel consumption is reduced as a consequence.

The Air Breather, an aerodynamically effective aperture behind the front wheels, works in tandem with the Air Curtain in the front apron to provide an effective reduction in drag around the wheels.


Trevor Carlson

Are there similar aero features are built into those funky looking side-view mirrors?

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