DOE to award up to $62.5M for applied research in high-energy and -power batteries and ultracaps for automotive applications
EIA: US monthly crude oil production reaches highest level since 1998

car2go launches its car-sharing service in London

car2go, the carsharing service from Daimler and Europcar, has launched in three London boroughs.

People can register free for car2go until the end of 2012, either online at or at the car2go shop in BOXPARK Shoreditch, or at car rental company Europcar’s stores across London. Once registered, car2go members can locate any available car through the car2go London website, by using a free app or just by walking up to an available car, touching the card reader on the windscreen, getting in and driving off.

car2go costs 35p (US$0.56) per minute and is billed directly to the customers’ account. Until 31 December 2012, customers can register for free and get 30 minutes of driving pre-loaded onto their account. This rate includes fuel, insurance, road tax, parking and maintenance. Customers don’t have to return their car2go to the same parking bay from which it was collected—any borough-owned or unregulated parking space in a participating borough will do.

(A hat-tip to Marc!)


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