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Picosun launches new Picofloat particle coating system for atomic layer deposition

Leading atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment manufacturer Picosun Oy has launched the new Picofloat particle coating system. In the Picofloat system, the powder to be coated is in a constant motion which ensures uniform ALD film formation on every particle down to nano-scaled dimensions.

Powder materials form the basis of a huge number of industrial products, catalysts for chemistry and biochemistry, solid state batteries, pigments, additives for e.g. rubber, paper, plastic, cardboard and food, and medical and cosmetic substances being just a few examples.

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is an advanced thin film coating method which is used to fabricate ultrathin, highly uniform and conformal material layers. ALD uses sequential, self-limiting and surface controlled gas phase chemical reactions to achieve control of film growth in the nanometer/sub-nanometer thickness regime.

The film growth proceeds by consecutive atomic layers “up” from the surface; the ALD film is dense, crack-, defect- and pinhole-free and its thickness and structural and chemical quality can be precisely controlled on atomic scale.

With ALD coatings, the surface of the particles can be tailored according to electrical, optical, physical or chemical properties or the particles can be functionalized for completely new actions.

Catalyst manufacturing with ALD is also more environmentally-friendly than conventional, wet chemistry-based methods. Carbon-based nanomaterials such as carbon nanoparticles, -wires and -tubes, on the other hand, have almost unlimited number of applications in e.g. tomorrow’s electronics, energy production and storage and with ALD coatings, also those materials can be modified to realize completely new, unprecedented products, devices and applications. Picosun says.

The Picofloat system is available for both old and new PICOSUN ALD reactors, up from the reactor model PICOSUN R-200 series.


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