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Colorado State University retrofits two delivery trucks with hydraulic hybrid systems

Colorado State University will retrofit two internal delivery trucks with fuel-efficient hydraulic hybrid systems, paid for by a grant from the Colorado Energy Office. The vehicles, 2012 GMC trucks, will be put into delivery service on campus. Colorado State has selected Lightning Hybrids LLC (earlier post) to provide the systems.

The University anticipates the systems will save it up to $1,700 a year each in fuel and maintenance costs.

These trucks, the first hydraulic hybrid medium-duty trucks to be used in real world application, get up to 40% better fuel economy, according to Lightning Hybrids. In addition, the vehicles have lower emissions, furthering CSU’s clean and sustainable initiatives.

Lightning Hybrids is run by two CSU alumni, Dan Johnson, CEO, and Tim Reeser, co-founder and president.

Lightning Hybrids has been working on the hydraulic hybrid system, made and assembled in Loveland, since September 2008. Other local entities, including the City of Loveland and the City of Greeley, have purchased or are in final negotiations to install systems in their fleets in the next few months. The Lightning Hybrid hydraulic system is available for heavy duty vehicles—work trucks, shuttle buses, utility vehicles—both new or retrofitted to vehicles currently in fleets.


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