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China Yuchai to launch 12 new engines for 2013; 7 natural gas, 5 diesel

4 January 2013

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company Limited (GYMCL), the main operating subsidiary of China Yuchai International Limited, will introduce 12 new engines in 2013. Seven of the models are National V-compliant natural gas engines and the other 5 models are National IV-compliant diesel engines. These engines are GYMCL’s new key products for 2013 as China is expected to implement the National IV emission standards nationwide and introduce the National V gas engine emission regulations this year. (The National standards are based on the associated Euro standard—e.g., China National V on Euro V.)

The new models of natural gas engine which cover the 120-440 hp (89–328 kW) range are YC4DN-50, YC4GN-50, YC6JN-50, YC6GN-50, YC6LN-50, YC6MKN-50, and YC6KN-50. All the gas models are compliant with China’s National V emission standards and utilize lean combustion and electronic closed-loop control systems.

The 5 new models of National IV-compliant diesel engines include the model YC4S as a new platform, and the YC4EG and YC6A-45 models, which have been upgraded from their original platform, as well as truck specific models such as the YC6J-46 and YC6A-46.

We have been increasing our research and development efforts these past several years to develop our own independent technology to ensure that our engines remain industry leaders and retain its core competitiveness. These new engine models combine high performance with improved energy savings and lower engine emissions to provide the leading solutions required by our customers in a rapidly changing environment as well as meet increasing stringent national regulations on energy conservation and emissions reduction.

—Benny H. Goh, President of China Yuchai

In 2011, GYMCL sold 510,777 diesel engines and is recognized as a leading manufacturer and distributor of diesel engines in China.

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